Rocky Mountain Headache

Well, that sucked.  Oh sorry, in case you missed it, the Phillies fell just short by a score of 4-5 in Game 2 against the Rockies today.  They will head to Colorado with a 1-1 series tie, which is not great news.  The weather forecast in Denver is calling for sleet, snow and freezing temperatures.  If you follow the Phillies, you know how they perform in cold weather; not good.

P6216387 Hamels.jpgSo now instead of a Rocky mountain high, we all have a Rocky mountain headache.  Cole Hamels started the game for the Phillies and…just a second…I will not say bad things about Cole Hamels, I will not say bad things about Cole Hamels, I will not say bad things about Cole Hamels…ok, maybe I just cannot help myself.  What the heck, Cole??  Well, he was not awful, but he was not good either.  4 runs allowed in 5 innings is not what you expect from the reigning World Series MVP.

But Hamels has not been himself all year, and you have to ask yourself now, can he be counted on going forward if the Phillies advance this post-season?  Granted, there were extenuating circumstances today, with his wife’s pregnancy running late.  In fact, Hamels is at the hospital right now; Heidi went into labor sometime during the game and he left before the game ended.  But then again, he has not been consistent all year.

Two other starters were wasted in this game as well.  Joe Blanton pitched just over an inning in relief and would up costing the Phillies a run.  And then in a very odd move, manager Charlie Manuel put in our other starter, JA Happ to clean up Blanton’s mess in the 7th.  On the first batter Happ faced, he was drilled in the knee with a hit ball and had to leave the game to have X-rays.  Luckily, nothing is broken, but how long have we now lost Happ for remains to be seen.  Plus, the only option to start on Saturday now is Pedro Martinez, who is not a sure thing after suffering a neck / upper rib injury in September.

Why Manuel did not lean on our well rested and experienced bullpen to begin with is beyond comprehension.  He risked 2 of our best starters and it back fired. 

The offense struggled in this game and did not score until the 6th inning.  Shane Victorino had 3 hits, but was unable to pull another one out in the 9th with 2 outs and 2 runners on.  Raul Ibanez and Ryan Howard had 2 hits each, but no hits and just 1 walk out of 5 bench players hurt.  Jayson Werth hit a solo homer in the 8th to bring the team within 1 run and that was the end of the scoring.

It is not impossible for the Phillies to win in chilly Colorado, but it is not going to be easy.  I do hope they pack and dress accordingly:

Werth Snow.jpg
That should take care of it!

And I do wish Cole and his wife Heidi all the best with the labor and their new baby, whenever he or she arrives.  Cole, you make me nuts, but I still love ya ;O)

Photos by Jenn


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  1. TribeTed

    Sometimes we just wish we could’ve not played baseball on some days. Today is a perfect example. Good luck in the rest of the series, the picture of the coat and skis is hilarious!! ROTFL!! : ) You brought me to tears Jenn. Hey I am doing a new thing called Fan’s take on my blog. Please email me a stumping question and I will try to answer it. : ) Thanks.

  2. juliasrants

    Congrats to Cole and his wife! I hope all goes well with the delivery! And the Phillies better pack their long johns! I heard it will 32 degrees at the start of the game! Yikes! It was an exciting game today – not the result you wanted – but a great game.


  3. philliesredpinstripes

    I can only guess that Uncle Charlie was afraid to use the bullpen, even if they were rested. But, come on, both Blanton and Happ??? And in the same inning. I can only say that someone needs to take a catscan of his brain to find out what he was thinking when he brought in Happ_y. God, this is maddenly. And now, they go to Denver, with all kinds of bad weather being called for, and with Martinez, who is not exactly a good pitcher in Coors Field as the starter. No, I’m not going to panic, yet, but, to paraphrase Peg Bundy, ‘Say Thanks to Cole,
    Phillies Fans.’ Gee Thanks, Cole!!!

  4. iliveforthis

    Snow is expected for Saturday! I’ll be working the game, so I think everyone will bring some warm clothes. Not only is the weather going to be crazy, but, and not to brag, the Rockies have been ridiculous good at home. Did you make that picture of Jayson Werth? (That is Werth… right?) Because it’s kind of amazing.

  5. phillies_phollowers

    Emily – yes, I made the photo…it is a picture I took of Werth and then I photoshopped the winter stuff over it :O) Glad you liked it :O) Stay warm out there!

  6. heartruss

    That is a bit unconventional to use two starters.
    Good luck to Cole and Heidi but I think that his unborn child must have took away some of his concentration. How could it not? That was unfortunate.
    Good luck to your Phillies in that cold cold place. Ugh.

  7. raysrenegade

    Rain, sleet and the occasional snowflake sounds like an interesting way to watch a ballgame.
    Almost reminds me of a place in 2008 where the cold, bitter rain seemed to harden your arteries more than the food in the concession stands.
    It should be an interesting game more for the fact it will be played right after the sun goes down and the temps will start to head south.
    But you got to admit, no matter what the weather will be tomorrow night, both teams know this is the spot where this thing can turn for either team, and hopefully can be played out without a interruption by Mother Nature.

    Rays Renegade

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