Two Games Left / Congress & Steroids

The Phillies went down in flames last night against the Marlins, who are officially out of the post-season race.  While the Phils have already clinched, home field advantage is still up for grabs but the team has been playing like they are not worried about home field.  They looked tired and lifeless in a 2-7 loss last night.  The team does play well on the road, with a 48-33 record this year.  However, nothing beats the 10th man advantage at home.

Ryan Howard gave the Phils their only jolt of energy in the 1st inning when he blasted a 2-run homer.  But pitcher Joe Blanton had a bad game, allowing 4 runs in the first 2 innings, which seemed to put the team right back to sleep.  Overall, Blanton allowed 5 runs in 6 innings and took the loss.  Several relief pitchers got some work and looked pretty good; Chad Durbin, Clay Condrey and Scott Eyre did not allow any runs in their outings and all 3 are recently recovered from injuries, so that is good news.

On the other hand, the rookie lefty Sergio Escalona, did not do well.  He allowed 2 runs on 3 hits in 1 inning and now has a 5.25 ERA for the year.  Escalona was the only lefty possibility out of the pen besides Eyre now that JC Romero is hurt.  JA Happ may wind up in the bullpen as a result, because at this point, the Phillies cannot afford to put Escalona on the post-season roster.

If the Phillies can win their final 2 games, home field may still be possible.  They own the tiebreaker over the Cardinals, but not the Dodgers.  The Dodgers would need to lose their final 2 games.  So at 4:10pm today, the Phillies will try to beat the Marlins and then tomorrow at 1:35pm.  I will be at the last game and return with photos!

Congress & Steroids

P7266071 romero cr.jpgPennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter
is looking into a possible Congressional inquest to see whether the regulations on dietary supplements should be revised by Congress.  The inquiry is a result of over-the-counter supplements being tainted with steroids and illegal substances and Specter became interested in the subject due to JC Romero’s 50-game suspension this year. 

Romero took an over-the-counter supplement after getting approval from the Major League Baseball Players Association but the supplement was illegally tainted.  Romero sued the supplement manufacturer, but MLB refused to over-turn his ridiculous suspension.  The CBS article on the topic goes into greater detail, but essentially these companies need to be held accountable.  They are putting people’s lives at risk and it needs to stop.  Best of luck to Senator Specter!

Photo by Jenn


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  1. juliasrants

    My only question is – Congress has nothing else to worry about then what baseball players are taking? I would hope that the war, economy and health care reform would be a tad more important. Mr. Specter seems to have no problem wasting our tax dollars on issues that are related to sports or maybe he just likes the attention he gets when he pontificates about them…his actions does make one go “hmmmm…..”


  2. TribeTed

    Steroids can really mess up a season and a player’s image. I viewed Romero as a clean non using – beast of a pitcher, and now I view him as a Barry Bonds “rebel” of a guy. Same thing happened to Rafael Betancourt for the Indians. That 2007 season he doped like crazy leading to being the best Relief pitcher in the game that year. Thank god he did, or else we wouldn’t of went to the postseason. Congrats Rafael!! 😉 New post up.


  3. phillies_phollowers

    Julia – this is not about baseball. It is about vitamin and supplement makers tainting their products which ALL kinds of people are exposed to. I take a variety of supplements that my doctor recommended for medical conditions and I buy them at stores like GNC, where Romero got his as well. I do not want these companies tainting MY pills with steroids or anything else that could kill my liver or otherwise endanger my life. If you look at the big picture, NOT just baseball, this IS an issue, just like health care reform, that needs to be addressed. The FDA should regulate this manufacterers for the safety of everyone, not just ball players.

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