Wake-Up Call

The Phillies need a serious wake-up call.  Having lost two in a row to the Brewers in wildly careless fashion, this team is starting to look like they are playing in a coma.  Two errors, a dropped ball by Jimmy Rollins that probably would have saved the game and bad, bad pitching dealt them a 5-7 loss last night.  The only player on the team who seems to be aware that it is the end of September is Ryan Howard who has gone 8 for 18 in his last 4 games with 10 RBI.  Everyone else has basically gone to sleep.

Yes, it has been a long season and they are all tired.  However, it is NOT nap time yet!  The division lead has slipped from 8.5 games down to 5 with the Braves playing like there is no tomorrow.  The Phillies need 4 wins in 8 games right now and it is possible with the way they are playing that they may not make it to the postseason.  Not likely, but surely possible.  And that possibility is the result of lazy, sloppy baseball played with no heart.

This team needs a swift kick in the rear…now!  Here are a few suggestions for Charlie Manuel to wake this team up:

·        Lock them all in a room and play Celine Dion albums at full volume until they reach the brink of insanity and decide to play better ball.


·        Pour buckets of ice down their pants – I am available to assist, of course.


·        Play the last 5 minutes of the last episode of “The Sopranos” over and over and remind them they will NEVER know how it really ends.


·        Thumbnail image for Phillies tutu teapots.jpgHire a group of midgets to sing “It’s A Small World” until their ears bleed.


·        Force the players to put on pink tutu’s and act out “I’m A Little Teapot” one at a time.


·        Babies crying – lots of them


·        Put their jock straps in the freezer over night

You can thank me later; always happy to assist.

The Phillies will play the final game of the Brewers series today at 2pm.  Joe Blanton is the final hope for this team to escape the road trip with a little dignity…especially after the humiliation of having to wear those pink tutu’s.  ;o)

Magic Number – sadly, still 4.

Photos by Jenn


*Read more about the Phillies at my other home page, Phightin’ Phils Phorum in the My Team Rivals network*




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