A Storm Is Brewing

I got my playoff tickets in the mail yesterday; NLDS, NCLS and World Series. The seats I was assigned are nothing short of awesome. This makes me very, very nervous. Why, you may ask? It is the “buy a snow shovel and it will not snow” theory…I have great seats to the playoff, so does this mean either the Phillies will not make it or get swept out of the 1st round a’la 2007? Hmmmm…

But the bad play of this Phillies team recently just adds more fuel to the fire swirling around my nervous brain. Brad Lidge has been an absolute disaster; we have NO closer. Half the pitching staff is injured.
funny-pictures-cat-with-invisible-snow-shovel.jpgOur catcher is down with a sprained wrist and it is unclear when he will return. Many of our starting pitchers look like they are throwing little league games. This is a snow storm of epic proportions but the Phillies forgot to but a shovel.

Cliff Lee piled on more concern last night when he allowed 7 runs on 9 hit in 6 innings to the Brewers and looked really bad doing it. It was as if the ball were attached to the opponents bat with an invisible string and they just could not help but get hits. Lee started out looking like the Cy Young winner of 2008 and in his last 6 starts, he is 2-3 with a 6.35 ERA. Yuck!

And Lidge? He was put in to get some work in the 7th inning and still cannot manage to get through a clean inning. Lidge allowed 1 run on 2 hits and a stolen base. Ugh.

The offense was facing a very bad Brewers pitcher with an ERA well over 6 and still, they only managed 1 earned run off the guy in 7 innings. Where were the bats? Ryan Howard had 2 hits and 3 RBI in the game, but the rest of the team basically took the night off.

In fact, this entire team looks like it is plans on taking the rest of the regular season off and hope that somehow, magically, it will all work out in the end. I have got news for them: the Braves are breathing down your necks. Take nothing for granted. Now go out there, and play ball! I am not ready for winter to come early. Thank you, Phillies in advance for your cooperation.

PS: Magic number remains at 4.



  1. southernbelle

    Jenn: Nice! Playoff tickets. Yesterday, one of my teachers was so mean to me. He found me during lunch just to tell me that he got his Yankee playoff tickets. I cried for him to take me with him, and he was like, “Uhh…NO!” Another teacher asked him why he had to tell me that, and he said , “I just HAD to tell her.” He smiled and walked out of the room, leaving me with feelings of Yankee withdrawl. Nice, huh? Lol, I miss that teacher. I had him last year for history. I’m probably going to have him agian next year.
    I hope you have fun in the postseason!

  2. carolmwl

    This time I wanted it to be an easy divisional win, no stress, no lost hair, no sleepless nights, etc.

    I look at them and the team seems worn out, tired. I guess after all the games they’ve played, that shouldn’t shock me, but dang….the teams they’re playing lately don’t seem tired.
    Wake up, Phillies.

    Even if they win the division, I cannot help but remember when they played the Rockies in post season, a couple of years ago…it wasn’t pretty. And the way they’re playing now, and with the injuries they have sustained lately, I wonder how deep into the post season they could go this time. But I’m pushing away those doubts as best as I can.

    So what section are your seats?

    carol MLBlogs.com How ‘Bout Those Phils?

  3. phillies_phollowers

    Virginia – thanks! Sorry about your cruel teacher…this is why I tell my students nothing…LOL
    Pitchersduel – yup, we have a few guys he should try but just won’t…frustrating!
    Julia – I know! Crossing my fingers :O)
    Carol – I got 137, 111 and 134…all lower level within the base lines…SO excited!

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