Soggy Win Puts Phillies Up 6 Games Again

A special thanks today to the Florida Marlins who lost against the Nationals last night, giving the Phillies back their 6 game lead in the NL East and making me feel a tad better.  After an awful road trip, the Phillies came back home yesterday to slap the Mets with a wet noodle, beating them 4-2.

Hamels cr.jpgWhile not the strongest win of the year, it is a start to what Phillies fans hope will be a solid run to the post-season.  Cole Hamels looked a bit watered down from the rain and was not very sharp, but the results are what matters.  In 6 2/3 innings, Hamels allowed only 1 run even though he had a lot of base runners to deal with.

There were no home runs in the game and the Phillies actually manufactured runs with base hits and doubles.  Shane Victorino had 3 doubles in the game and 4 other players had at least 2 hits in the game.  One of those players was Jimmy Rollins who bounced back after Thursday’s 2-error game with a solid defensive performance, 2 hits and 1 RBI.  J-Roll also stole 2 bases.

Going into the 8th inning, Brett Myers pitched a scoreless, hitless inning and is looking very sharp since his return from hip surgery.  However, it is looking more and more like Ryan Madson will be the new closer.  Although, last night Madson had a very Brad Lidge-like outing in the 9th where he gave up 2 hits and 1 run.  A double play helped him close out the game, but he was not exactly “lights out”  which may be a concern. 

I am still not sold on Madson as the closer.  I think Myers would be better at it and wants it more than Madson does.  Madson was the perfect 8th inning guy; why mess with that if you do not have to?  And remember, Madson blew 4 saves earlier this year when Lidge was on the DL.  It looks like the Phillies are being cautious with Myers after the injury, but he is ready now and in my opinion, should be the closer.

Of course, my opinion does not count :O(  Oh well!  The Phillies will take on the Mets again this afternoon at 4:05pm – I will be there and hope to stay dry :O)  Be back with photos!

Happy ButtDay…I mean Birthday…

My friend Sue at Rants, Raves and Random Thoughts is celebrating what I can only assume is her 29th birthday today!  None of us really age past 29, right?  So in honor of her ButtDay / Birthday, here is homage to one of both Sue’s and my own FAVORITE things!

Video & Photos by Jenn


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  1. Elizabeth D.

    Hey Jenn,
    That’s a nice picture of Cole Hamels ;). Glad to see he had a nice start. Funny how the Marlins have an almost equal chance of winning the wildcard or the division. I’m rooting for them because they’re my hometown team.

  2. TribeTed

    Haha loved the “butts”.

    Especially the “aging” butts.

    Great blog you have here.

    I love every second of reading it.

    The Phighting Phils forum sounds fun:

    but I ain’t a Phils Phan so sorry. =)

    GOod luck to you and to all phillies

    –Ted “TTW/T”

    9/11 post at:

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