Welcome To Hell – UnbeLEEvable!

Just when the Phillies though Cliff Lee was an angel sent from heaven, over his last two starts, Lee has broken his halo and lost his wings.  Lee in hell.jpgA lousy 3 inning, 6 run outing tonight caps off the 2-game slide into hell.  But let us not dwell; everyone is entitled to a bad day.  We just hope Lee has now gotten all of his bad days out of his system and will return to Cy Young form next week.

Also taking a long dip in the fiery pit of eternal damnation is the Phillies offense.  Clearly, they have been judged and sentenced to wallow in their pathetic-ness for all eternity…well, at least for the last few weeks anyway.  Losing 0-7 against the Astros, the Phils bats only mustered 8 hits and Carlos Ruiz had 3 of those.  Not to mention they scored ZERO runs.  They left the bases loaded once again with less than 2 outs and struck out 9 times.  Why, oh why have they forsaken us? 

Ok, reality check: the Phillies are still up 8 games in the division.  However, if they keep playing like this, that lead can and will be squashed quickly.  Ryan Howard won NL Player of the Month for August, but his bat has slowed in September.  Raul Ibanez was benched today after a very, very bad couple of months.  Chase Utley is still good at getting hit with pitches, but do we really want him getting beat up when NO ONE can knock him in?  It has been an all-around bad few weeks.  A trip straight to hell, indeed.

The Phillies will attempt to redeem themselves tomorrow in Houston at 7:05pm with Joe Blanton facing (gulp!) Roy Oswalt.  It pains me to think about Oswalt right now, so I am going to just pretend this is not happening.  Think happy thoughts people…happy, delusional, fantastical thoughts ;O)

Lee photo by Jenn


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