Do NOT Put JA Happ In The Bullpen!

I have been campaigning for JA Happ all year and tonight, he pitched a 4-hit complete game shut-out against the Rockies in a 7-0 win.  It was his second complete game shut-out this year.  On top of that, he hit a double in the game as well.  What else do the Phillies need from this kid? 

P4190940 Happ SM.jpgWith Pedro Martinez lurking in the wings, one of the starters will likely have to go in the pen.  Rumor has it that the Phillies will not do that to Jamie Moyer because of his status in the league; Cole Hamels, Cliff Lee and Joe Blanton are locks.  So JA Happ appears to be the odd man out when Martinez arrives from his rehab starts, unless they go with a 6-man rotation.

I have the solution.  Go with what I am calling a 5 ½ man rotation; you start Lee, Hamels, Blanton, Happ and on day 5, tell Moyer and Martinez that they will get 4-5 innings a piece and rotate who actually “starts” in the 1st inning each time around the rotation.  With the advanced ages of these two guys, they will benefit from the shortened starts.  This will mean fewer pitches, less fatigue and fewer opportunities for opponents to make adjustments on each of them.

Plus, this gives the Phillies wiggle room if someone gets hurt or if either Moyer or Martinez starts off the game badly.  Pull him out and put in the 2nd guy.  They will always be on the same 5 day schedule so no worries about messing up their rhythm either.  And there will be less stress on the bullpen as they should get used a bit less.  Moyer has gone less than six innings four times in his last 7 starts.  This rotation solves that problem.

Especially after tonight’s performance, there is NO way the Phillies can justify putting Happ in the pen.  They need a solution and here it is.  Now if only someone would actually listen….

Ok, more photos!  I have posted the non-baseball photos from my San Francisco trip on Facebook.  Photo Album #1 contains Alcatraz, the Golden Gate & Bay bridges, the Aquarium and city photos.  Photo Album #2 covers the Farallon Islands whale watch, Marine Mammal Sanctuary, Marin Golden Gate National Park, the Pier & Sea Lions in the city, Seal Rock and the San Francisco Zoo.  Enjoy!

Photos by Jenn


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  1. erichh1

    Jenn, I think you mean 4 1/2, not 5 1/2. The only problem is that it would effectively remove one bullpen arm on the other 4 days, which won’t be a problem if the Phils starters can finish 7 innings a game. Regardless, I agree with you. The only people who want to see Happ in the pen are the players and fans of all the other teams.

  2. bjgumby

    Wow! I had the same idea earlier this evening. I think the 5-1/2 man rotation could work as neither Pedro or Jamie can really go more than 5 innings. Have both pitchers prep just like they are going to start. Plus yo uwill be giving the opposition two different looks- fastball dealing right-hander and soft-tossing left-hander.

  3. phillies_phollowers

    5 1/2 is right – technically, we’d have 6 starters, but 2 of them only going part of a game each, so 5 1/2. And yeah, I am sure our opponents would love to see the Phils make a bonehead move like putting Happ in the pen.

  4. devilabrit

    I am still not convinced Martinez is ready, I think we are going to see from him what we saw from Park in the rotation, Martinez may seem okay in AAA, but the big guys are going to kill him and personally I would rather Moyer start than Martinez…

  5. phillies_phollowers

    Peter – my thoughts exactly; 3 runs allowed in 6 inn. of a AA game? Not impressed. I say either they split Jamie & Pedro or release Pedro.

  6. raysfanboy

    I don’t know how Martinez and Moyer–two successful veterans–would take to being considered a 1/2, but I like your idea. Or you could just go tot a 6 man rotation. Hamels has not been himself this year, so maybe giving him an extra day off and reducing his season by a start or two will keep him fresh for the playoffs.


    Moyer will be put on The DL with some kind of strain and Pedro will get a couple of starts to see what he can do. Then Charlie will decide what is best for the team.


    Interesting concept, but wouldn’t work in the NL, unless the Phils are ahead in evey game. Let’s say Moyer goes first 5, Pedro comes in in the sixth, bottom of sixth of a game we’re losing, the Phils have them loaded and pitchers spot is up, they HAVE to pinch hit. If this were the AL, it is definitely something that could work.

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