Comedy of Errors

While it was not very funny, the Phillies committed 3 errors in a 7-2 loss to the Giants tonight.  That, combined with a serious lack of offense for the second consecutive day, contributed to the loss.  Myself and many other Phillies fans endured harassment from the Giants crowd who were more than pleased about their team running all over the defending World Champs like a 16 wheel tractor trailer.  It was an ugly night in San Francisco.  Let us recount the errors:

1st inning:  Jayson Werth misses what should have been a routine fly ball.  He misjudged it, ran the wrong way and could not recover.  That error led to a run for the Giants.

P7302126 copy.jpg4th inning:  Former Giant, Pedro Feliz, fielded a ground ball that he should have tossed to first base; instead, he tried to get the lead runner going to 2nd and threw the ball away.  That led to a 4-run inning.

7th inning: Chase Utley committed an error, but no harm was done that inning.

Utley did have an interesting game though.  He took exception to Giants pitcher Jonathan Sanchez, throwing a pitch at his head.  Utley had words for Sanchez and then proceeded to tick off the pitcher by stepping out of the batters box and shortly after that, hitting a home run.

But the bigger story here was the lack of offense and failure of the Phillies hitters to make good contact with the ball.  In the 3rd inning, Jimmy Rollins was left stranded on 3rd base with no outs; Utley struck out; Werth popped the ball up; and then Ryan Howard grounded out softly.  This sort of play is not going to win games, obviously.

Lee Francisco.jpg
Tomorrow, Cliff Lee will make his Phillies debut.  I got a few shots of Lee in his new red uniform during batting practice today.  I also took a few shots of new Phillie, Ben Francisco who filled in for Shane Victorino tonight.  Shane is day to day with swelling in his knee.

And let me just say this about San Francisco; it is COLD here, people!  Yikes!  Hoping for warmer weather tomorrow!  Start time is 10:15pm EST again.

FYI – I will be posting a Photo Album from my entire trip when I get home; stay tuned for that next week :O)


Photos by Jenn


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  1. fightinphillies

    Cliff Lee’s first batter he faced: Strikeout!

    The weather update back in the Philly/NJ/Del – very hot, and humid around 85 degrees with monster afternoon thunderstorms today.

    Please tell us how the seats are out there with the Phillies on the official roadtrip, and how you like the hotel… See any Phillies players hanging around the hotel that you’ve met ????????


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