Florida – The Sunshine State?

Rain interrupted another South Florida game last night.  Is Florida the sunshine state or the rainstorm state?  It is hard to tell which at this point.  Florida.jpgSo the Phillies and the Marlins will have to reschedule the called game and start from scratch.  Oddly enough, the only reason this week was supposed to be a four game series, instead of three, is because MLB rescheduled the 9/21 game to this past Thursday after the NFL announced that the Miami Dolphins would be hosting a Monday night football game on 9/21.  You would think the NFL would have respected the already in place MLB schedule, but that is not how it turned out.

And now the rained out game will likely have to be played that same week in September as it is the only time the Phillies will be returning to South Florida this year.  No official plans have been announced, but expect a doubleheader, probably on 9/22.

As for today, the two teams will try once again to get a game in without Mother Nature throwing a wrench into the situation.  Friday’s game featured a 1 hour and 18 minute rain delay and the game took 4 hours and 12 innings to play; yesterday, the game was rained out after just over one inning.  And today?  Scheduled for a 1:10pm start time, keep your fingers crossed for dry skies in Miami.  JA Happ takes his 6-0 record to the mound and is planning on a Fish Fry.  Best of luck to him!

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  1. raysfanboy

    Right now, we’re the rainy state. Followed by the nasty humidity state. And then the mid-90s state.

    Today it has been raining all day. The sun should peak out in a little while, to be followed by some cloudiness. It isn’t bad for playing golf–sometimes the rain keeps the temps down, espcially if you get to the course right after a downpour–but it is bad for outdoor baseball.

    That’s why the Marlins are building a retractable roof stadium and the Rays are asking for one (they’re in a dome now, but they want retractable for the next one).

    So there’s some useless info on our current Florida weather situation. Play ball! (eventually)

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