Fireworks In Philly – How FOX Sports Tried To Ruin The 4th Of July

Before I get to FOX Sports, I have a game re-cap for you.  Jamie Moyer, the oldest player in the major leagues, took the mound today against the New York Mets for his 600th career start!  P5314936 Moyer.jpgCongratulations Jamie!  What a milestone!  Moyer was outstanding in his effort and allowed only 1 run in 6 1/3 innings.  Not only is Jamie an amazing baseball player, he is an even more amazing human being.  Jamie dedicates countless hours to charity work with The Moyer Foundation and is ever-present in the community; a true role model for children and people of all ages.  It is refreshing to see such success come to a person who really deserves it.

Jamie got the win by a score of 4-1.  Shane Victorino and Pedro Feliz were the Phillies offensive stars of the game today; Victorino went 3 for 4 with an RBI; Feliz had 3 hits as well.  Even Jimmy Rollins joined the party and collected 2 RBI on a double.  SO nice to see Jimmy creeping back to life!  It is also a big relief to see Ryan Madson begin to pitch his way back to normal.  In to relieve JC Romero, he recorded 2 quick outs to retire the Mets in the 8th inning.  Then Brad Lidge came in for the 9th, saved the game, and all is as it should be…at least for today ;O)

This gives the Phillies a series win at home for a change, and more importantly, an opportunity to sweep the Mets!  I will be at the game tomorrow and bring back news and photos.


In some very odd news, Paul Bako, our back-up, back-up catcher (not a typo) has started 3 of the last 4 games.  This has given me some reason to speculate.  Could Carlos Ruiz be on the trading block with the Phillies desperately seeking pitching?  If they are in the middle of negotiating with another team, it makes sense to sit Ruiz as they would not want him to get hurt while making decisions.  With Chris Coste as a solid back-up and Lou Marson waiting in AAA, this may not be such a strange move.  Another possibility is that Ruiz is hurt again and no one is talking.  Then again, maybe Charlie Manuel was just feeling a bit silly this week?  We shall see as the week progresses.

Why FOX Sports Sucks

Can someone please explain to me WHY my Phillies – Mets game today was interrupted multiple times so that FOX sports could should gratuitous footage of Manny Ramirez at bat in San Diego?  It was Manny’s 2nd game back with the Dodgers since serving a 50-game suspension for violating MLB’s drug policy.  Can I get a big “WHO CARES??” from the peeps, please?  Thank you.

Manny explosion.jpg
Seriously, it was not Manny setting some amazing record; not Manny greeting aliens from a spaceship for our first extraterrestrial encounter; not even the President of the United States giving an important speech…Manny’s 2nd game back after a STEROID suspension.  Heck, not even the 1st game back (even so, I would not have cared to see that either).  Has FOX Sports reached an all-time low in trying to get ratings?  You betcha.  It was like them interrupting a blessing from Jesus Christ himself to show a drive-by shooting.  What exactly were they expecting to happen?  That Manny’s head would explode?  Or, he was going to announce the cure for cancer?  Now THAT would have been news.

And yet, on this most important day in America where we celebrate the freedom of our great country, we are subjected to this ridiculous, infantile Mannywood hype by FOX Sports.  On the 70th anniversary of Lou Gehrig retiring from baseball while suffering from a fatal disease…we get Manny-Insanity.  On the day Jamie Moyer celebrates his 600th career start as a pitcher, are we shown historical footage of the eldest current player in baseball…a person who is a great humanitarian as well?  No…we get dreadlock fever.  

 Truly disgusting.  FOX Sports – you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Moyer & Manny Photos by Jenn


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  1. muleman

    I’ll give McCarver credit for saying that he wondered why Ramirez got all that attention. He said, “It’s not like he was coming off the disabled list.” Good for him, but I figure it will not register at Fox because all they’re interested in is ratings and hype. Manny is a clown and he’ll probably go to the All-Star game – giving you another vent to rant about.

  2. matttan7

    I’m glad I found someone who is unhappy about how the New York Mets vs Philadelphia Phillies game coverage went about by Fox Sports. Manny Ramirez isn’t the best player in the MLB, we Mets and Phillies fans deserve better. Now back to the game, the Phillies are finally doing good at home. Congrats to Jaime Moyer for winning his 253rd game of his career. If only he had more years, he can win his 300th, but I doubt it.

    Matthew T.

  3. subun043

    Great reporting. You said it all. Start your own reporting. Only objection I have was the use of J.C. Thanks.

  4. subun043

    Great reporting. You said it all. Start your own reporting. Only objection I have was the use of J.C. Thanks.

  5. evanmoesta912

    I have two theories to the whole Paul Bako situation:

    A) Coste, or Ruiz is hurt in some way.

    B) Bako is on the trading block and the Phillies are trying to play him to show other teams his current abilities.


  6. evanmoesta912

    I have two theories to the whole Paul Bako situation:

    A) Coste, or Ruiz is hurt in some way.

    B) Bako is on the trading block and the Phillies are trying to play him to show other teams his current abilities.


  7. flairforthedramatic

    Lol, good stuff.. Seems all national networks are diving into the great depths of desperation for higher viewership.. It’s really ridiculous. I could care less about Manny as well. It’d probably be slightly possible to put the steroid era to rest if the media wouldn’t glorify this guy by highlighting.. nay, putting his return on a pedestal just because it’s Manny Ramirez.. but they’ll never learn.
    “It was like them interrupting a blessing from Jesus Christ himself to show a drive-by shooting.” – Niice analogy, lmao..
    – V [ ]

  8. phillies_phollowers

    Thanks to all for the comments…
    Tbray – I considered Bako being up for trade, but they would get VERY little for him, so I figured it may not be likely unless it is a big package deal. Guess we’ll see! :O)
    Devilabrit: I sit right behind home plate, slightly to the 3rd base side, 13 rows back…doubt I’ll be on TV…I am usually not, but thanks for looking :O) LOL!


    Wow, it is a real shame. FOX is the worst. I am not really surprised however. They think people want to listen to Joe Buck and Tim Mcarver. I don’t think a sports network could be more out of touch than they are. I pray to god every Saturday that my team isn’t on FOX so that I don’t have to set up my radio and try and sync it with the TV. Now, it appears that they can’t even get the video right since they are cutting to something nobody wants to see.

    Furthermore, It seems that people in California don’t seem to care about what a miserable disgrace Manny is for the sport. Those in San Diego seemed to be thrilled as hell that he hit a home run yesterday. Don’t really get it.

  10. no1bob

    I switched to something else when they interrupted the Tigers/Twins Game for the same reason – Who Cares? I also voted just now twice for Shane Victorino, now you need to vote for Brandon Inge!


    I couldn’t agree with you more, they made him out to be some kind of hero, he cheated what kind of message does glorifying him to the children of today

  12. sklant

    Sorry Tigers fan here, but our game was on Fox yesterday as well and they broke into our game as well. Why they hold this idiot up as an example is beyond me. He is a cheater and even before that a fool. Fox stinks, I have always thought that they stunk, and my guess is that it will continue. And the poor baby had to sit today because he was soar.

  13. Paige Landsem

    I’m starting to feel the same way about Manny that I did about the coverage when Michael Jackson died: I cared and I was interested for the first 15 minutes, but it’s old now. Ugh. Great shout-out to Jamie Moyer, too; I used to follow him more closely when he played in Seattle and he really is a great human being. Very deserving of our praise and attention!


    Ok, it is July 6th, has Fox Sports explained WHY??? they felt compelled to interrupt the game for the nonsense that is Manny???
    I couldn’t believe my eyes…..when I saw the World Champion Phillies and the Mets game in a little box at the bottom of my TV, and this clown at bat……..taking center stage….WHY?? I ask you WHY?????? AND where it the Commissioner on this, he should have been on the phone telling them to quit it……but you know what, I blame him for all of this “roid” crap, where was he when this all started, counting the money that certain players were heaping upon MLB in the form of home run races……..I think he should resign….and I will not watch another Fox Sports covered game…..I’ll listen to the radio!

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