Frustrating Night For The Pen

Usually, when Cole Hamels is on the mound for the Phillies, most feel pretty confident about their chances to win.  However, the last few times Hamels has taken the mound it had been more of an adventure and less of a slam-dunk.  Tonight against the Blue Jays, Hamels went 6 innings and allowed 2 runs on 7 hits and 2 walks.  On paper, it looks pretty good; but watching the game was an up and down drama.  Hamels struggled with his command, but the Jays were not able to take advantage.

Jimmy Rollins led the game off with a double and after Chase Utley knocked him in to score the first run of the game, the offense appeared to be cooking.  But after that, the engines stalled and the Phillies did not score again until Jayson Werth hit a 2-run homer in the 6th.

Romero roller coaster.jpg
The 8th inning then turned into a roller coaster ride with a 3-2 lead and JC Romero on the mound.  Romero walked the bases loaded, but despite his struggles, he came away unscathed thanks to a nice pop-up from former Phillie, Rod Barajas and a base running mistake by the Jays.  The Phillies had no luck scoring in the bottom of the 8th so it was Ryan Madson time.  Madson quickly got in a jam with the bases loaded and NO outs.  Buckle up, Phils fans – the ride is not yet over.

What goes up, eventually, must come down.  And so it went…  Madson struck out the next batter but then walked in the tying run after that; another blown save for the Phillies. Well, at least this time it wasn’t Brad Lidge who blew it.  So, Barajas came to the plate, and for the 3rd time in the game, he popped the ball up in the middle infield.  Thank you, Rod!  The next batter struck out and it was on the bottom of the 9th with the game tied, 3-3.

The Phillies failed to score again and the game went into extra innings.  Condrey horse.jpgClay Condrey, who has been great this season, began to self-destruct in the 10th.  He allowed 3 singles in a row to score a run and then walked another one in with the bases loaded.  Then poor Tyler Walker was sent to the mound for his Phillies debut – with the bases loaded and 1 out in the 10th; not the way he imagined breaking into the bigs, I imagine.  Walker allowed a sac fly and a double to Barajas, giving the Jays an 8-3 lead.  This kid has got to be wondering what he did wrong in a previous life…

So that was the end of that; the Phillies did not score…again; and they lost the game 8-3 after having a 3-2 lead going into the 9th.  Another frustrating loss.  But the pen cannot dwell on this one…when you fall down, you should get up, and get back on horse.  And the Phillies will attempt to do that tonight when they begin game 2 of the Jays series.

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Player Photos – Jenn


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