The Interleague Nightmare Continues…

Friday night’s loss after an irresponsible decision by an umpire not to review a home run that was called foul was magnified last night as the Phillies dropped the 2nd game in the series to the Red Sox.  It began to pour as the game began and rookie pitcher, Antonio Bastardo, did not fare well in the rain.  Then again, the defense did little to help him.  The Phillies have had the best defense in baseball thus far, but last night committed 3 errors in the 1st inning.  Between that and the pitching, they were buried in a 5 run deficit after one inning going into a rain delay.061309a.jpg

95 minutes later, play resumed and Chad Durbin took the mound, pitching 3 scoreless innings.  The Phillies offense got the team back in the game, scoring 4 runs.  Chase Utley and Shane Victorino doubled to get 1 in the 3rd and then Raul Ibanez did his usual, knocking a solo shot over the right field wall in the 4th.   Jayson Werth singled next and Pedro Feliz hit a home run behind him to make the score 4-5; it was Feliz’s first home run in 40 games.

But the offensive outburst went for naught as reliever Jack Tashner (or Trashner?) took the mound and quickly gave up 3 more runs to the Sox in one inning.  Rookie Sergio Escalona, who was called up again after Kyle Kendrick was sent back to the minors, pitched 2 innings; Escalona did great in the 6th, but in the 7th got wild and allowed 2 more runs to score.  However, he did nail Phillie-hater, JD Drew very near the head with a pitch, so for that, Phillies fans everywhere thank him ;O) (FYI – this is a JOKE; I do not agree with anyone getting hit…in case that was unclear)

Werth did hit a solo homer in the 7th, but that would do it for the offense.  The Phillies went down 11-6 in what took 5 hours and 16 minutes with the rain delay.  After 3 games in a row with extra innings, then this delayed game, we can only hope the Phillies can muster the energy today to face Josh Beckett and maybe sneak away with 1 win in the series.  JA Happ will pitch for the Phillies and the tired bullpen is counting on him.  Oh, no pressure man.  No pressure at all…

Here is the Photo Album from the game.  I took some very interesting photos of the dark and ominous Philadelphia skyline during the rain delay, as well as game action.

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Photos – Jenn


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  1. juliasrants

    Jenn – I blogged about this today – I’m sorry but as a fan of the game it disgusted me when the Phillies fans cheered when Drew got hit. So – the city of Brotherly love takes pleasure in others being hurt? The Phillies deserve better fans then that. So I guess you are all happy that Drew is too sore to play today? NOT a good day for Philadelphia. 12 years is too long to hold a grudge. It is time for the Phillies fans to move on. I lost a lot of respect for Phillies’ fans yesterday because of that.


  2. phillies_phollowers

    Julia – it is a running joke now in Philly about Drew. I just take it like that; a joke. I personally don’t care who doesn’t like who; I think it is just for fun. If some fans take it seriously, I just ignore it.

  3. katies

    Ugh, that game was so brutal. I sat there too stubborn to leave because I was convinced they were going to have a miracle comeback but it wasn’t to be. At least we got the win today!
    And THANK YOU for taking a picture of Rob from “It’s Always Sunny…”!!! I’ve been looking all over for pictures and I was too far away to get a good one… you definitely did! =)

  4. phillies_phollowers

    Umpirecr – I’ll quit complaining when the umps start following the rules and do right by these teams. And leaving that comment on a blog is a bit juvenile, don’t you think? Speaking of growing up…try it sometime.

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