A Lot Of K’s And A “Foul” Ball

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There was so little contact with the ball in last night’s Phillies-Red Sox match-up, that for most of the game, the fielders looked like this:

The Phillies pitchers struck out 14 batters and the Sox struck out 20 batters.  Phillies starter Joe Blanton had a great game, giving up just 2 solo homers in 7 innings.  But Jon Lester of the Sox out-pitched him by 1 run.  It was a classic pitcher’s duel, but left many fans at the park were left wondering if they should have brought their pillows.

The greatest excitement for most of the game was watching the emotional JC Romero pitch against the team that let him go in 2007 (thank you, Sox!).  In his usual style, Romero was all over the zone, but effective.  He pitched part of the 8th and the entire 9th while allowing only 1 hit and 1 walk.  JC, we are SO happy to have you back!

Phillies fans were woken from their slumber though in the bottom of the 9th when Ryan Howard hit a solo home run to tie the game at 2-2.  Extra innings followed, for the 3rd game in a row, but the Phillies were robbed of the win from the umpire (in my opinion anyway). 

Dobbs foul copy.jpg
Greg Dobbs
hit what should have been a 2-run homer that was called a foul ball in the 11th inning.  Jim Joyce, who called it foul, refused to check the replay after manager Charlie Manuel requested it.  Tell me why then do we have Instant Replay?  Wasn’t the entire purpose to check on game changing calls? 

Look at the photo to the right; I freeze framed the video right as the ball passes the pole.  If the pole were taller, the ball would have hit it.  Therefore, it is a fair ball – game over.  But either Joyce is a Red Sox fan or he just likes staying up all night into extra innings.  At the very least, he should have reviewed it.  If he did so and still called it foul, fine.  I can live with that.  But the fact that he just flat out refused?  Unacceptable.

But as we all know, umpires can screw with games as often as they like and suffer no consequences.  So, on to the 12th inning they went…

P4251813 Kendrick.jpg
Kyle Kendrick
was recalled from the minors today after Scott Eyre was placed on the 15-day DL before the game with a calf strain.  This is a big shot to the Phillies bullpen.  Eyre has been great this year with a 2.57 ERA in 25 games.  And Kendrick trying to replace him, clearly was not up to the challenge.  He did fine in the 12th but then allowed 3 runs to the Sox in the 13th, losing the game for the Phillies.

So despite the amazing pitching (except Kendrick), and the 2-run homer that was called foul from Dobbs, the Phillies went down 5-2 in this first game of three.  I am getting ready to go to the game tonight and will be packing an extra set of glasses for Mr. Joyce.  Oh, and if I could somehow impart some common sense and decency onto him, I would gladly do that as well.

In the meantime, keep VOTING for our Phillies All-Stars!  VOTE up to 25 times per day, per email address!

Kitty – funnyanimalphotos.com

Kendrick – Jenn

Foul or Fair? – mlb.com




  1. juliasrants

    Jenn – It was a tight game all night. I’m not a fan of instant replay but I didn’t realize that the ump could choose not to use it when it was requested. That doesn’t make sense. I am sorry that John Lester didn’t get the win – he has another great game. It is nice to see him back in form. Enjoy the game tonight!


  2. ihatetito

    I’m sorry to all you Philly fans……but your conspiracy theory doesn’t hold up. If you look at where the ball landed, which was in the back of the first deck, There is no possible way for it to clear a foul pole that extends above the third deck. If the ball had gone over the flag pole. It would have to landed in the second deck at a minimum.

  3. umpirecr

    Here guys let me explain to you this. Just cause there a tool for replay does not mean they will use it when the team or fans want it used. He didn’t even bother asking his partners for help. So that to me he either clearly saw it foul. I am not sure how much i believe that’s the ball but i am going to look at it closer. June it does not matter where it cross. or lands. as looking into the picture from a red sox fans that clearly should of been a home run but you also got to understand that the umpire just saw it hit the foul side and call it that. you had to frame to make a point. it was over the foul pole should of been home run. That said youk got the same call with his foul ball in fenway. when it was check and they still called it foul.

  4. umpirecr

    you guys can take a chill pill seriouisly it was one call move on. no need to be rude to umpire or not. cause you don’t like one thing he called his looking up were looking at a frame.

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