Ibanez Is a NICE Man – Leave Him Alone!

I nearly cried when I read the Philly.com article where poor Raul Ibanez had to defend himself against an irresponsible and moronic blogger.  Apparently, some idiot came out in his blog stating he felt that Ibanez must be taking steroids and that this was the only explanation for his outstanding year. 

I will not post the link to that blog here because I do not wish to give that guy any support.  The nerve of him; not only does he seek to slander the name of a good man, but he gives responsible bloggers everywhere a bad rap.

Do we all get annoyed and rant sometimes?  Sure.  But generally speaking, we rant about the truth, not some idea we have made up in our heads.  If your team had a bad game, feel free to say so.  The facts are the facts, a loss is a loss.  And if we make jokes to lighten the mood (like I do, A LOT), they are solely for entertainment purposes and not to hurt anyone.  But for goodness sake, do not spread rumors and report unverified and even worse, totally speculative information and present it as news!

Poor Raul; he does not deserve that.  Just because we are immersed in an era of baseball where steroids have run rampant, does not mean that all players have joined in.  Does hard work and dedication no longer pay off?  Or are we to instantly attribute all good play to steroids?  Sure, we have been disappointed by a lot of players, but that does not give anyone the right to make such accusations.

And that is my informed and totally honest rant of the day :O)

‘Phillies Memories’ DVD Review

I wrote a review for the new MLB DVD, ‘Phillies Memories’ which was posted on Phillies.com today.  The DVD is only $19.95 and is very entertaining and informative, covering all 126 years of the Phillies.  Please read the review and feel free to pass on any comments.  I did make one typo…let’s see if anyone figures it out ;O)  Maybe I should take steroids to enhance my performance?  (FYI – This is a JOKE – just in case some idiot takes that to a new level of stupidity :O)

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Technology; you cannot escape!  Just thought I would note that if anyone would like to be my Facebook friend, send me an email and I will send you the link.  I have received letters from many, many readers in the last few months since I posted my email address and I appreciate the feedback very much!  I am always open to finding new Phillies friends to talk baseball with!

As for Twitter, I am listed as PhilsPhollowers.  Feel free to follow me :O)

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Photo by Jenn




  1. rrrt

    Hey Jenn, great DVD review! Is the typo where you stuttered “that was that was”? These things jump out at me. I bought this DVD the other week, but so far have only watched the bonus features – the spray on hair is absolutely hilarious! Haven’t had a chance to watch the rest of it yet. BTW, it was on sale in my local Giant supermarket for $13.99 (I think), a much better price than mlb.com’s.
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  2. phillies_phollowers

    Hey Sue..actually, that is not the typo I was talking about…in fact, that typo was not put in by me! The original document I submitted does not have that, so it must have been a glitch when they edited! Weird. Ok so, now I have 2 typos…but I am only taking credit for one :O)

  3. Erin Kathleen

    Ugh, people shouldn’t make these accusations without any proof. That’s the worst part about the whole steroids era in baseball: now everyone who’s having a great year is suddenly suspect. In Ibanez’s case, it’s probably because he’s moved to the National League and the pitchers just haven’t figured out how to pitch to him yet. Plus it helps that he faces the Nats like once a week ;)Personally, I’m glad Ibanez is having a great year in the other league. He used to kill the Twins all the time when he was with the Mariners. -Erinhttp://plunking-gomez.mlblogs.com

  4. raysrenegade

    He actually did not come out and accuse him, but threw out speculation and then posted his reasoning for it all.
    It actually made some sense when you see the numbers and understand he left a pitchers park (Safeco Field) for a hitters park Citizens Bank Park).
    But his tongue-in-cheek rendition did fall on its face badly.
    It just shows that the media we used daily is going to fall more and more under “journalism” and not just opinion and personal observations.
    I am still looking out for the first lawsuit……….They do it to Perez Hilton and his gossip clans all the time.
    But I do think Ibanez is just having a great year in a new league in a hitters ballpark………..But after all the Manny and A Rod fiasco, everyone will get a second peek now.
    And that is sad.

    Rays Renegade


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