Opportunities Lost

If you had said before tonight’s game that the Phillies would score 5 runs off Johan Santana, any Phils fan would have felt optimistic about a win.  Well, score they did…5 runs.  JA Happ had allowed 4 runs on 6 hits and 4 walks in 5 1/3 innings, but the bullpen could not hold the Mets down.  Clay Condrey and Chad Durbin each allowed a run, giving the Mets a 6-5 lead; even the pitcher, Santana, hit a double to help himself.

When you get 5 runs off one of the best pitchers in baseball, you simply have to win.  Your pen needs to be able to shut the door.  After the news today of Brad Lidge being put on the DL, this was the game for the rest of the pitchers to step up.  They failed.

P5103222 Durbin.jpgEven after Ryan Howard and Raul Ibanez hit back-to-back solo home runs and Jimmy Rollins, who has been struggling badly, hits a 2-run homer, the bullpen still somehow lacked inspiration.  Need some inspiration guys?  The fans will be happy to provide a swift kick in the rear anytime.  The rookie giving up 4 runs, you can understand.  But seasoned bullpen guys letting down the offense…again…it is harder to swallow.  And it is becoming a habit with some of these guys.

Just frustrating.  When this team provides offense, the pitching lets them down.  When they get good pitching, the offense goes to sleep.  Then again, they did this all last year too and that turned out ok ;O)  But while it is happening, this is still no consolation.

The Phillies will give it a try again tomorrow night to see if the stars can align and both pitching and offense can work together.  Cross you fingers…

And do not forget to keep VOTING for our Phillies All-Stars!  VOTE up to 25 times per day, per email address!

Durbin Photo by Jenn


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