Deja Vu

deja vu.png

I was so annoyed over last night’s 3-2, 12 inning loss to the Dodgers that I did not feel like writing anything.  I mean, what can I say?  Here is a brief synopsis to compare last night’s bone crushing loss to Friday nights:

Brad Lidge blew the save…again.

The offense took the day off…again.

Jimmy Rollins popped the ball up….again.

The starting pitcher (Blanton, Saturday) threw a great game and did not get the win…again.

Chase Utley and Pedro Feliz appeared to be the only players interested in getting on base…again.

Too many men (mostly Utley & Feliz) left on base…again.

Andre Ethier of the Dodgers hit the walk off blow to win the game…again.

The Phillies lost a game they should have won…again.

I wanted to kick my foot through the TV set and up a Phillies’ back side…again.

That about sums it up.  If this team does not walk away with a series split tonight, I may end up in the hospital with chest pains.  I realize it is only 2 losses and yes, we are still in first place, but when a team loses games in this disgusting fashion, it really just makes me ill.  Knowing that they have all this talent and just keep forgetting how to use it is simply brutal for the fans and everyone involved.  Please, please Phillies…get it done tonight!

And that is my rant for the day.  Thank you for listening / reading :O)  I feel better now.

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