Rookie Impressive In Debut

Antonio Bastardo made his major league debut last night against the Padres and held them to only 1 run; a solo homer from Adrian Gonzalez. The 23-year old rookie pitched 6 innings, allowing 4 hits total, 1 walk and he struck out 5.  Bastardo threw mostly fastballs, but the 95mph heat proved to be explosive.  If he can begin mixing in a few more off-speed pitches, this kid may be the answer to the Phillies’ prayers.

P5314819 Ibanez.jpgAlso feeling the power last night was Raul Ibanez who, on his 37th birthday, knocked in 5 runs with a double and two homers; a very Happy Birthday indeed!  The birthday bash continued with 2 hits from Shane Victorino, and 2 RBI each from Ryan Howard and Greg Dobbs.  The score was 10-1 by the middle of the 7th.

Enter Chan Ho Park: Park allowed 4 runs to the Padres in the bottom of the 7th and looked like a little league pitcher.  Obviously disappointed about losing his starting spot, Park has really begun to unravel.  But if he cannot accept his new role, then what good is he?  I believe the clock may be ticking for Park…

Chad Durbin ran into trouble as well in the 9th when he loaded the bases.  Durbin has not looked like the pitcher of 2008 all year long; he did have a quick and easy 8th inning, but the hit and 2 walks in the 9th still leave everyone with the feeling that he is just not right.  Luckily, Ryan Madson threw one pitch to end the game and bail Durbin out, avoiding a huge disaster; but you still have to wonder, what is wrong with Durbin?  But give him a few more outings and let’s see if he can fix the issue.

The Phillies will try for their 2nd sweep in a row tonight with JA Happ on the mound; game time is 10:05pm again.

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Photo by Jenn

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  1. katies

    Haha Raul looks to be enjoying his birthday in that picture!! =)
    Chan Ho Park needs to go away… seriously, he’s just doing more harm than good. I tried to give him a chance once he went to being a relief pitcher but he just keeps digging himself into a deeper hole!
    And yeah, Durbin’s been going through a struggle… here’s hoping that he bounces back soon!!

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