Road Trip Kicks Off With A Win

Despite the west coast jet lag, the Phillies pulled off a win in San Diego last night with help from Chase Utley and Ryan Howard who nailed back-to-back solo homers in the 5th.  Shane Victorino collected 2 RBI on 2 hits and Raul Ibanez also had a 2 hit night.  The Phillies left a lot of men on base and in scoring position, but the pitching held up and they walked away with the victory.

Joe Blanton continues to improve upon his slow start to the season; Blanton pitched 5 innings of one run ball, but ran into trouble in the 6th.  Not to be outdone by the Phillies, the Padres also hit back-to-back homers in that inning.  But Blanton collected himself and went 7 solid with 3 runs on 6 hits and a walk.  Scott Eyre pitched 1 inning held the Padres down, allowing Brad Lidge to notch his 4th save in a row.

While the game was entertaining, the Padres 2nd baseman was far more interesting.  Can someone explain exactly what is up with David Eckstein’s batting stance?  Or, maybe I should call it his batting dance?  This guy looks like he downed a gallon of pure sugar before stepping to the plate.  He bounces all around, waves the bat back and forth frantically and looks as if his head may explode.  See for yourself:

Somebody get this man a Valium.

So tonight the Phillies send the rookie, Antonio Bastardo to the mound for his first major league start.  And yes, that IS his real name (Insert joke here).  Poor guy.  Incidentally, Bastardo is from the Dominican Republic and his name does in fact mean what you think it means.  In Spanish, the literal translation of “bastardo” is “Bast*ard, a son born out of wedlock or Boa, a short, thick-bodied, and very poisonous snake.”  Either way, not flattering.  Let us hope his pitching is more impressive ;O)

Romero 08ed.jpgAlso,  JC Romero is back tomorrow!!!  Say it with me now…Whooo Hooo!  After serving a bogus and totally undeserved 50 game suspension, Romero will finally be eligible to pitch.  Free at last!  Look for emotions to run high the first time he steps on the mound.  Welcome back JC!  We missed you!

Don’t forget to keep VOTING for our Phillies All-Stars!  Raul Ibanez has moved up to 2nd place among outfielders, as deserved, and Utley continues to dominate at 2nd base.  Rollins and Howard are 2nd and 3rd respectively at their positions.  So keep VOTING!!  We have a long way to go still and need to get these guys into the game!  VOTE up to 25 times per day, per email address!

Photo by Jenn

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  1. katies

    LOL I was laughing at Eckstein myself… he is an interesting guy haha
    And can’t wait to have Romero back!

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