Myers May Have Surgery

Comcast Sportsnet reported today that Phillies pitcher Brett Myers may need to have surgery for a frayed labrum in his hip.  Translation:  We are SO screwed.  UGH!  In fact, when the news was announced, here is what happened:

The frog is obviously a Phillies fan.  Poor little guy.

Myers will get a second opinion, but either way, this is NOT good.  He has been the Phillies best starter next to Cole Hamels and even has 2 more wins than Hamels.  This constitutes a huge disaster for the Phillies who will now either have to pay a large price to replace Myers or go fishing in the farm system and cross their fingers.  Kyle Kendrick does not appear ready to return to the majors and Carlos Carrasco still needs work.  What should they do?  Here are a few suggestions:bad pitching.jpg

No?  Ok, back to the drawing board then.  I’ll let you know when I come up with the answer…I mean, besides actually having to pay someone Adam Eaton-type money.  What a thought…yikes!

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Mariah –

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  1. rrrt

    Who knew frogs could make sounds like that? Bizarre. If Myers needs surgery now, I’d hate to be in Ruben’s shoes and have to figure out a solution. I don’t think either Kendrick or Carrasco is the answer, but a trade could be way too costly, in terms of dollars and players.
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