Home Struggles Continue

The Phillies have been road warriors this year, but the home stands have left a lot to be desired.  They dropped another home series today as they went down to the Marlins, 6-2.  Brett Myers was doing well through 5 innings and even had a hit in the game, but come the 6th inning, he ran into trouble.  Myers began to grimace after pitches and appeared to be having pain of some sort.  Charlie Manuel pulled him after 2 outs and Myers continued to look discomforted on the bench.  The official word is that he has right hip inflammation…hoping he will be alright!

So Myers struggled, but the offense also provided little remedy.  Carlos Ruiz and Matt Stairs each nailed solo shots and Ryan Howard had 2 hits in the game.  Then the Phillies attempted a rally in the 8th with a walk to Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino reaching on an error.  Chase Utley stepped in and missed a home run by about 6 inches; it was caught for out #2.  Major bummer :O(  Howard had the chance to play hero after that, but he went down swinging.  Another rally in the 9th failed as well; bases loaded, 2 outs and Rollins flied out to center.

shamrock_180x137.jpgThe green shamrock hats given away to fans tonight did not bring the Phillies luck either.  In fact, maybe it was the sea of green in the stands that sickened the players?  Or maybe it was just the Marlins pitching, which was on spot.  Plus former Phillies Wes Helms and Ronny Paulino had 6 hits in this 3 game series.  Depressing, no matter how you look at it.  Where was Helms’ bat when WE needed it?  Ugh.

But here is something to cheer you up…it’s the Gizmo Cam!  Yes, Gizmo the chinchilla is at it again, trying to get your votes for our Phillies All-Stars!  See how cute he is….how can you not help the little guy?

Remember to VOTE up to 25 times per day, per email address!

The Phillies get a day off tomorrow and then the Nats come to town; we hope they can cure the at-home blues!

Gizmo Cam by Jenn; Music – Lemon remix by U2

Green Cap – Phillies.com

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