#250 Eludes Moyer

Jamie Moyer is still waiting to notch his 250th win…he did not get it tonight against the Marlins, a team he usually beats.  The umpire did him no favors; Moyer threw an obvious strike to former Phillie Wes Helms in the 4th which should have been strike 3, but it was called a ball.  Multiple replays showed the bad call over and over.  Next pitch:  Helms hit his first homer of the year for 3 runs.  And there went the game…

In the 8th inning, Chan Ho Park tossed a 3rd strike to another former Phillie, Ronny Paulino.  Paulino swung and missed as the ball bounced and he ran to first base where catcher Carlos Ruiz threw him out.  However, the umpire decided that Paulino, despite admittedly missing the ball as he ran to first, said Paulino fouled it off!  OMG.  What an idiot.  Park did strike him out (for the 2nd time) on the next pitch, but seriously, how much bad umpiring do we need to put up with?

Ok, so you can’t really blame the game on an umpire; Moyer could have pitched better; the offense could have scored more runs.  Of course, that does not make the bad calls any easier to swallow.

P5244243.jpgSpeaking of offense, what is going on with Jayson Werth?  Anybody?  He has had 2 hits in his last 7 games and his batting average is quickly dropping.  Ryan Howard had been slumping a bit, but he came out tonight and nailed 2 home runs.  Not enough to win the game though, which the Phillies lost 5-3.  And on top of that, Chase Utley got hit by a pitch on the same foot he got hit on a few weeks back.  It was a nasty one too…hoping he is ok!  He kept playing, but you know how Utley is…it would take  a stretcher and handcuffs to drag him off the field…hmmmm…that gives me some ideas.  Oh sorry, inner monologue leaking out… ;O)

And continuing to ruin my evening, Shane Victorino got thrown out attempting to steal 2nd base in the 9th inning, killing a comeback rally for the Phillies.  What was he thinking?  Matt Stairs, home run hitter extraordinaire, was at bat to try to tie the game, so why would Shane even attempt a steal there?  Bad, bad baseball right there.  Very bad.

Well, the Florida series will continue tomorrow at 7:05pm…Joe Blanton gets his turn to try to fry some fish.  Hope he has better luck than Moyer did today!  In the meantime, keep VOTING for your Phillies All-Stars!  VOTE up to 25 times per day, per email address! 

And if you missed it earlier today, here is the PHOTO ALBUM from Sunday’s game including photos of new Yankee Stadium!

Photo by Jenn

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  1. Kaybee

    Ugh, I know how annoying it is when a big win eludes a pitchers like that. Like last year when we had Greg Maddux. It took forever for the Padres to get him 350 (?). And I hate umpires like that. Hopefully you will be able to get the win tomorrow!

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