Phillies Love New Yankee Stadium

P3056513 Rollins Jeter.jpg

Jimmy Rollins and Derek Jeter met again for the first time since sharing shortstop duties for Team USA this spring; Rollins greeted Jeter and company with a home run on the first pitch of the ballgame tonight.  In all, the Phillies walked away with 4 home runs in the game and 6 of their 7 runs scored on those blasts.  Jeter and 2 other Yankees also homered in the game, but all were solo shots.  Looks like the Phillies are loving this new Yankee Stadium.

Brett Myers especially was feeling the love tonight; he pitched a one run ballgame up until the 8th inning when 2 more homers gave the Yankees a bit of life.  Myers baffled the Yanks who walked somberly away from the plate while glancing back in awe and surprise at the Phillies pitcher.  Myers allowed those 3 solo home runs, 8 hits, had 7 strikeouts and did not walk anyone.  All this in a full 8 innings of work gave him the 7-3 win. 

P3035070 Burnett.jpg
AJ Burnett
of the Yankees, on the other hand, had a rough night trying to stave off the Phils big bats.  Annoyed at the first pitch home run to Rollins, Burnett proceeded to plunk Chase Utley with a pitch immediately afterwards.  Myers, sticking up for his teammate, threw behind Jeter in the Yanks next at-bat and warnings from the umpire ensued.  The warnings had no effect on the game from that point and these 2 teams just went at it like scheduled. 

P2253135 Ruiz.jpg
Carlos Ruiz
had a big night for the Phillies with 3 hits, 2 RBI on a home run and he even stole a base.  Ruiz gave us all a scare though in his last at-bat when he showed some discomfort after a swing, but he continued playing and appears to be ok.  After the oblique injury he suffered earlier this year, it was a tense moment seeing him cringe.  For now though, all is well.

JA Happ will get his first start of the season tomorrow in the 4:10pm start in New York.  After that, Cole Hamels will take the ball on Sunday afternoon and I will be there to cheer on…well….everybody I guess!  I will get see my dream World Series match-up as well as a much heralded new stadium.  Cannot wait to go!  I was able to find an affordable ticket after much effort, but am not sure about the view I will have.  Fingers crossed!  I will be back with photos :O)

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Photos by Jenn

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  1. scofid

    Congrats on the win last night. Enjoy your trip to the Bronx! I saw the stadium in early May. The game was rained out, but I thoroughly enjoyed the time at the ballpark anyway. It’s very impressive…


  2. Jane Heller

    Good game for your Phils, Jenn. The Yankees? Not so much. And today we’ll be facing your rookie and we don’t do well against pitchers we haven’t faced before. BUT I’m hopeful. I’m so envious that you’ll be going on Sunday! Humor me and take some pics of Yankees too!

  3. phillies_phollowers

    Jane – No problem…I love Jeter! And I am a closet Yanks fan anyway :O) So I’ll be bringing extra memory cards for the camera!

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