No O, No D, No Win

That’s a lot of no’s.  Where the offense and defense for the Phillies are hiding is a mystery.  And one which needs to be solved – quick.  This team has sunk into a funk.  The real shame of it is that Cole Hamels pitched an outstanding game and has nothing to show for it.  Hamels nailed down 7 full innings, giving up only 1 earned run.  Another run scored in the 3rd inning as a result of a Jimmy Rollins error on a routine play that should have ended the inning; instead, the ball hit off his glove and Casey Blake scored from 3rd.  But this was just one of the many brain freezes the Phillies experienced on the day.


In the 5th inning, Hamels did not help his own cause; he did manage to get to first base after a bunt and a Dodgers error which moved Carlos Ruiz to 3rd base.  But right after that, he wandered too far off 1st base and got caught in a run down; Ruiz saw Hamels floundering and broke for home, but he was cut down and tagged out.  Losing the runner in scoring position killed the rally and the Phillies did not score.


Later, in the 9th inning, Raul Ibanez joined the mental-lapse party and dove for a ball that he had no shot at in left field.  The ball rolled past him and what should have been a long single or a double, turned into a triple for the Dodgers.  The next batter nailed a sac fly to score the run, putting the Dodgers up 3-1.


And although the Phillies rallied in he bottom of the 9th to tie the game 3-3, those 2 runs scored by the Dodgers on errors proved to be fatal.  Chad Durbin pitched the 10th inning and gave up 2 runs; the Dodgers won 5-3.


SHUTTLE.jpgWhile Durbin’s failure to hold down the tie was a huge disappointment, an even bigger problem in this last week has been the lack of offense.  Rollins was 1 for 5 on the day with a solo home run and is batting a measly .200 on the year.  The entire top of the line-up is just not hitting.  Ruiz was 2 for 2 with 2 walks and 2 RBI; Ibanez had 2 hits and a walk and that was it; 5 hits on the day.  The rest of the players looked like they were off visiting another planet and had never seen a baseball before.  If they do not get it together soon, Charlie Manuel may toss them all into a space shuttle and send them to Jupiter.  Philadelphia: We have a problem.



The Phillies will begin a 10-day road trip today; after visiting President Obama in the White House this morning, they will kick off a 4-game series with the Nationals, including a double-header tomorrow.  If all goes well, maybe Obama can offer a few words of inspiration.  If not, maybe he can recruit some players for the Space Program. ;O)

Player Photo by Jenn

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  1. rrrt

    The Phillies are seriously irking me right now. Not only is the offense sputtering, have you looked at the starters’ ERAs lately? It’s pathetic! BTW, I meant to ask yesterday, was Wednesday’s goodie bag an improvement over last year’s? That one was disappointing, as I recall.
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

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