Myers Goes Medieval; Phils Still Lose

Yes, Brett Myers was determined to take down the Braves – literally.  Braves players and even their bats were strewn all over the field as a result of Myers’ penchant for Medieval  warrior-type violence:051009a.jpg

The first guy was hit near the head; the second, the Braves pitcher, attempted to dodge a wicked and way inside ball and wound up fouling it off…into his own face.  Both batters were fine, but Myers left his mark.    Six innings pitched and only one run given up led Myers to his best start of the season.  But alas, the offense sputtered again and still no win for the much-deserving Myers.

In fact, the only real offense of the day came from the two big men; Ryan Howard had 2 doubles and scored the only 2 runs for the Phillies.  And Matt Stairs, in a rare start, went 2 for 2 with 2 walks and 1 RBI.  The big problem is that the top of the line-up is not hitting.  They are doing WAY too much of this:

051009 batting.jpg

Swinging at pitches clearly out of the zone.  Does anyone in this line-up remember how to work a count?  Can someone please tell Jimmy Rollins to stop popping the ball up?  And then tell Pedro Feliz he is NOT allowed to swing at the first pitch – ever.

And how many men exactly does it take to catch a pop-up?  Let’s see…

051009 popups.jpg

These guys just seem to be forgetting how to communicate, on all sides of the ball.  Yes, they caught the balls, but this is just another example of how this team is not clicking.

Still, the Phillies may have won the game had Jack Taschner not given up the lead in the 7th.  He loaded the bases and then gave up 2 runs.  But Taschner is sporadic like that; once in a while, he gets lucky and comes away clean; then there are the days when it all goes wrong.  Charlie Manuel should know this; he was the same way with the Giants too.  So, in a 1 run ballgame where you need to keep the lead, why is Taschner sent in?  He serves his purpose on occasion, but he is certainly NOT your go to guy in tight situations.

So the Phillies go on to lose the game, 4-2, dropping 2 out of 3 to the Braves in pathetic fashion.  And if that were not bad enough, Jayson Werth did not get to have his very exciting “blanket” day!  The manufacturer messed up the design for the Mother’s Day giveaway and we all got coupons instead to pick up the blanket at the end of July! 

What a major Mother’s Day bummer. :O(  And poor Scott Eyre – his whole family came out for the Mother’s Day celebration and he didn’t even get to pitch!  The photo to the right shows Scott holding his daughter with his mom and wife.  Will have more photos of that later…

The Phillies will get tomorrow off to reflect on their lack-luster play of late.  Then on Tuesday, the Manny-less Dodgers come to town.

In the meantime, even if you really don’t feel like it after this weeks’ sad play, go on-line and VOTE for your All-Stars.  You can grumble and moan while you do it if you must.  Permission granted. 

Here is the full Photo Album from today’s game as promised.  Hope you enjoy them!  Now, have a Happy Mother’s Day!

Photos by Jenn

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  1. phillies_phollowers

    It was in the 1st inning and he slipped a bit on the mound, so it wasn’t intentional…they only toss ya if you do it on purpose :O) Ha!!

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