Whipping Our Pitchers Into Shape

The horrendous commencement to the season for the Phillies starting pitching staff has left many wondering, what can be done to turn it around?  However, the last two outings from Joe Blanton and then last night from Chan Ho Park have given Phillies fans hope.  How did Charlie Manuel and gang get these guys to turn things around?  The threat of losing their jobs may be a big factor, but I suspect a few more creative measures may be in play.

Did Manuel whip out the Spanish Inquisition?  Nobody ever expects that…

Or maybe he pulled out the Comfy Chair.  NO!  Not the Comfy Chair!

And in an even more diabolical scheme, I also suspect the starting rotation was tortured further with the Slapping Fish:

Whatever the device, I fully support them.  If these guys need a fishy slap in the face to wake them up, then so be it!  Jamie Moyer will take the mound tonight and try to continue the improvement of the rotation.  But after last night’s loss, despite the great performance of Park, I feel a little extra help may be needed.  And so, again I give you the Smurfy Mets voodoo:

P5250748 Smurf.jpg

Yes, J-Roll Smurf and friends are back with their voodoo magic!  The Phillies no longer have any excuses.  They must beat the Mets tonight!  Go Phillies!

Photo by Jenn

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