Park Likes His Job

Many expected tonight’s match-up of Chan Ho Park and Johan Santana to be a really bad day for the Phillies.  However, no one really expected Park, who has been horrible on the mound, to keep pace with Santana.  And certainly, no one expected for the deciding factor in the game to be THREE errors by the Phils.  The first 2 did not do much damage, but the 3rd gave the Mets the 1-0 lead (final score).  P4190898 Feliz.jpgWith a man on 1st and 2 outs in the 7th, Fernando Tatis hit a ball to Pedro Feliz that he should have held onto.  It was a slow chopper far from Feliz; he managed to grab it and made a very bad, unbalanced throw to 1st, which flew over Ryan Howard’s head.  Jayson Werth backed-up the play, but hesitated to throw home.  His hesitation let Carlos Delgado score.  Had Feliz just held onto the ball, you still have 2 outs and no one scores.

The real shame of it was that this game was winnable.  Despite his very bad start to the season, Park managed to throw 6 innings of 1 hit, no run ball.  Apparently, he likes his job as a starter and is aiming to keep it.  Park kept the Phillies in the game, but the defense let it slip away.  The offense had a bad day too, but they were facing Santana, so this was not a huge shock.  Jimmy Rollins, Shane Victorino and Raul Ibanez each had one hit, but that was it for the offense.  Oddly enough, Park drew 2 walks, but again, the Phils did not take advantage.  Victorino did extend his hitting streak to 15 games, which is about the only happy news on the day.

Chase Utley did play today, and his foot seems to be fine.  He struggled at the plate, like everyone else though.  The Phillies will have one more shot at the Mets tomorrow night at 7:10pm with Jamie Moyer on the mound.

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  1. rrrt

    I was shocked – shocked, I tell you! – to see Park pitch so well. The Phillies had chances – Ibanez hit a leadoff double but was left stranded – and the errors sure didn’t help. Considering we all pretty much wrote it off as a loss beforehand, I guess I shouldn’t be too upset, but what a shame to waste a great performance by Park.
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

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