Home Cookin’

Ryan Howard loves that home cookin’.  Whenever he goes home to St. Louis, he gets to sleep in his own bed and his mama makes him breakfast.  Apparently, this really works for him. 

P4139689 Howard.jpg
Howard went deep tonight in the 5th inning with the bases loaded off former Phillie, Kyle Loshe.  Grand Slam, in front of his family and friends!  It was Howard’s 7th career Grand Slam, which ties Mike Schmidt’s career total.  Howard, feeling mighty comfortable in his home town, always performs well at Busch Stadium and today was no different.  He went 2 for 3 with a walk and the 4 RBI on the slam. 

Jayson Werth was happy to see his mama as well; she was in the stands tonight with the Howard clan, cheering on her son.  Werth knocked a 2-run blast in the 4th inning and was 2 for 4 in the game.

The even bigger news of the game for the Phillies though was the strong outing from Joe Blanton, who has not had a good start to the season.  Blanton got through 6 innings with only 1 run allowed.  He even stayed focused when things got rough.  Pedro Feliz had a brain-fart in the 6th when he fielded a grounder, looked at the runner coming at him, and decided to try for a double play instead of tagging the runner.  His hesitation resulted in all runners being safe as his throw to 2nd was late and this loaded the bases with only 1 out.  But Blanton pulled it together and struck out the next batter, then got the final batter out on a ground ball.  Could this be the beginning of a better starting rotation for the Phils?  We hope so…

On a very serious note, Rick Ankiel of the Cardinals ran face first into the outfield wall in the 8th inning on a Feliz long fly ball.  He hit the ground like a ton of bricks and the ball rolled away.  It looked for a moment like he may have been unconscious, but he did speak to teammates after it happened and gave the thumbs-up to the fans as they wheeled him away in the cart.  A very scary moment – my thoughts go out to Ankiel and his family.  I hope he is okay.

So the Howard slam was really the only scoring the Phillies needed as they walked away with a 6-1 win for the first of this short 2-game series.  One more in St. Louis; game time tomorrow is 8:15pm.

While you are waiting for the next game to start, get on-line and VOTE for your All-Stars!  Get the Phillies to the game in St. Louis!  Ryan Howard will thank you for sending him home…he just LOVES those pancakes :O)

Photo by Jenn

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  1. crazy19canuck

    It’s nice to see Blanton doing well. And grand slams are so fun to watch! Expecially if it’s your team!

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