Rain Sucks

Yes, I am officially beginning my campaign against rain.  It should only be allowed to rain from November-February.  That is my official position.  Now, if only the crazy people up in the sky who control the weather would listen to me!  3 rain-outs for the Phillies already this season…someone please remind me again WHY they did not add a retractable roof when they built this new ballpark?  Ugh!

Okay, so I have lost my mind a bit; but the Phillies-Mets finale getting rained out today was a major bummer.  Especially since I drove all the way up there, checking on-line the entire way on my phone, only to have the game get called after I pulled into town.  No date has been rescheduled yet, but if you want my best guess/suggestion:  how about May 28th?  Both teams are off and both have home games before & after.  Sounds like a convenient time and avoids a double-header.  Of course, these are just my random musings, not actually fact :O)

Speaking of random musings, here are a few from the Phillies players themselves.  When asked in a recent “Ask the Phillies” segment at the ballpark what they might be doing if they were not playing baseball, here are a few of the responses:

IndianaJones Lidge.jpgChase Utley – playing golf

Brett Myers – a radio shock-jock (a’la Howard Stern, I guess)

Jayson Werth – watching Jamie Moyer keep playing

Ryan Howard – Hangin’ at the beach

Brad LidgeReligious Archeology…seriously; he wants to be Indiana Jones.  Well Brad, your wish is my command!

So, what would Cole Hamels be doing if not playing baseball?  Probably the same thing he is doing right now…recovering from another injury!  Well, the rain-out did help him a bit; originally scheduled for a Tuesday start which he likely would have missed, the day-off gave the Phillies a chance to shuffle the rotation and push Hamels back to Friday.  We’ll see if the extra time off helps him.

And hey, since we have no baseball today to keep us busy, get on-line and VOTE for your All-Stars!  Get the Phillies to the game in St. Louis!  With all these rain-outs, they will need the extra playing time to practice :O)

Also in St. Louis is the next Phillies series!  A 2-game stint with the Cardinals begins tomorrow at 8:15pm.

Lidge head shot by Jenn

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  1. hope1993

    Cardinals and Phillies for two games in St Louis on May 4 and 5 – preview of NL Championship series?

  2. diamonddiva

    Jenn, I agree that rain sucks! So far this season, I’ve spent nearly 5 hours sitting through rain delays at Nationals Park, including almost 2 hours today before the game was officially postponed. Mother Nature must not be a baseball fan!

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