Chan Ho Must Go

P4190861 Park.jpg

Ask me how I really feel…  Ok, well, Chan Ho Park doesn’t have to go far…maybe just to the bullpen where he should have been to start with.  At this point in his 16-year career, Park no longer has what it takes to start.  Park started 4 games this season and here is his ERA in each one: 13.50, 7.20, 5.14 and today, 13.50.  Including one inning he pitched in another game early in the season, Park’s ERA for the season so far is 8.57.  Not only are the numbers bad, but he has only gone beyond 5 innings one time, which is taxing our bullpen.

Today’s start was a disaster.  Park lasted only 4.2 innings, gave up 7 earned runs and walked SIX batters.  Mets fans everywhere thank him.  Phillies fans would like to see heads roll.  How much more do we need to see out of this guy before designating him to the pen? 

biting heads002.jpg
The Phillies have JA Happ who would love a shot at starting; Carlos Carrasco would be thrilled to come up to the majors; and even Chad Durbin would not mind taking over if needed.  Options abound.  Why then not take advantage of them?

In fact, the score may have been much worse if not for the Phillies great defense.  Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard bailed Park out with an amazing double play in the 1st inning, after he had already dug an 0-2 hole for the team.  Raul Ibanez made a super sliding grab in the outfield later as well.

Our offense struggled again, but still scored 4 runs, despite a 6th inning base running blunder by Chris Coste and Greg Dobbs, who looked like Laurel & Hardy on the base path.  Both were caught between bases after a Mets error and Coste was tagged out.  Rollins was also caught stealing for the 2nd time this season.  But the Mets were sloppy as well; the Phillies simply did not take advantage.

choc bunnies.jpg
I suddenly feel the need for some comic relief.  This cartoon always makes me laugh.  As the series with the Mets moves on to game 2 tomorrow at 3:40pm, try to think happy thoughts.

As always, don’t forget to VOTE your Phillies into the All-Star game!  VOTE up to 25 times per day, per email address!

Photo by Jenn

Happy Bunny by Jim Benton


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