Nats Thank The Phillies For Their First Win


After a horrendous 0-7 start, the Washington Nationals were bound to win a game eventually; enter, the Phillies.  Hey Nats, will you be our best friend now?  Gee, thanks.

Although Joe Blanton notched the first “quality start” for the Phillies today, going 6 innings and giving up 3 runs, the Phils still lost the game 8-2.  All 3 of Blanton’s runs came in the first inning when he sent a pitch right down the middle for the Nat’s Adam Dunn who repaid him by knocking it out of the ballpark and collecting 3 RBI.  But after that, Blanton settled in and held them to those 3 runs.  Of course, then the bullpen made their grand entrance and let the Nats run away with the game.  Chad Durbin gave up a solo homer and new Phillie, Jack Taschner gave up 4 runs on 4 hits and 2 walks in 2/3 of the 8th inning.  Excuse me while I vomit…

P4139481.jpgFeeling better now, as I rest my head on the cool toilet bowl, and think happy thoughts about rookie catcher Lou Marson; making the game slightly bearable, Marson had an outstanding day in his first start of 2009, and only the 2nd start of his major league career.  Marson did not let a ball get past him, even though he had to block a lot of pitches thrown in the dirt.  He even threw out a National’s runner trying to steal in the 7th inning; Chase Utley made the grab and tagged the runner.  And as if his defense were not impressive enough, he went 2 for 3 at the plate with a double and a run scored.  I was very impressed with Marson when I watched him play in Spring Training and felt he had tremendous potential.  He calls a good game, he is mobile behind the plate, swings for contact and has excellent base running skills.  Today, Marson showed all that and more.  That’s the good news…

P4139660 Rollins.jpg
But aside from Marson, 2 more hits from Raul Ibanez with 1 RBI and one hit from Utley, our anemic offense looked like they needed a blood transfusion.  Jimmy Rollins continues to struggle, hitting only .111 on the year so far and Shane Victorino is at .219.  If the top of the order doesn’t wake up tomorrow, it is going to be a long night for me at the ballpark.

Update on Saturday’s Memorial:

A memorial tribute for Harry Kalas will be held at Citizens Bank Park on Saturday, April 18 as announced by the Kalas family and the Phillies.  Details were announced today as follows:

– Beginning at 8 am, on a first come, first served basis, fans will have the opportunity to pay their respects on the field as they pass by Kalas’ casket behind home plate.

– Fans will walk by the casket until approximately 12:45 p.m., when everybody will be directed to seats. Beginning at approximately 1 p.m., current and former players, broadcasters, front-office employees, friends and family members will pay their final respects before the on-field tribute begins at 1:30 p.m.

– Please enter CBP through the Third Base Gate at Pattison Avenue and Citizens Bank Way and leave through the First Base Gate.

– Fans bringing flowers or mementos should leave them in the area of the Mike Schmidt statue outside the ballpark.

– Parking is free, and fans are encouraged to park in the lots west of the ballpark.

– Fans in attendance will receive a commemorative program, an 8×10 photograph of Kalas and a poem written by him in 2002 as a fan tribute. 

The plans for tomorrow night’s pre-game memorial can be found here.  The game is sold out and fans should arrive early.  As I mentioned before, I will be attending the game and will bring back photos.  Cole Hamels will get the start for the Phillies.


Photos by Jenn

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  1. pagevalnat

    Now you know what I’ve had to go through the last 10 days (or so), Jenn. LMAO
    This kid Marson was tough at the plate tonight. He’s got the makings of something.
    All in all, it HAS been a trying week for both teams (but for DIFFERENT reasons, obviously). I’ll look forward to the pictures from Saturday.
    Nasty Nats Live Here (and Everywhere)

  2. diamonddiva

    Thank you, Phillies, for not clobbering the Nationals. It was much appreciated. The Nats still suck, and the Phillie Phanatic could easily kick Screech’s tush…but for one game, the Washington Nationals played like big leaguers rather than like a AAAA team!

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