A Phil-Tastic Easter

Marson easter egg.jpg

The Phillies began the day by putting catcher Carlos Ruiz on the 15-Day DL, noting that they are unsure of his actual return date from a right oblique strain.  Lou Marson, 22, who performed very well this spring, was called up to fill in; he and Chris Coste will share time behind the plate.  While it is sad to have lost Ruiz, this is a great opportunity for Marson to get some big league experience; plus, he is way more adorable than Ruiz, for which I award him bonus points :O)  A Happy Easter for the rookie, seen to the right in his Easter Egg costume.  Marson is even cuter in pastels.

Utley chicken.jpgAlso celebrating Easter with us here is Chase Utley, dressed as the Chutley Chicken;

Utley is off to a great start this year, batting .444 so far.  The surgically repaired hip is lookin’ good!  Tonight, Utley went 2 for 4 with an RBI and 2 runs scored in the 8-4 win over the Rockies.   Ryan Howard redeemed himself tonight, after hitting into 3 double plays yesterday, by nailing a 3-run double in the 3rd inning.  Jimmy Rollins, however, is not having a fun year thus far, as he continues his struggles at the plate; Rollins is batting just .130 and went 1 for 5 in today’s game. 

JRoll bunny.jpg
However, I am sure that the bunny costume I have prepared for his Easter celebration will cheer him up.  Who doesn’t love fluffy bunnies?

Brett Myers, while not having the best outing ever, did manage to keep the game in hand.  Myers pitched a full 7 innings with 4 hits and 4 runs surrendered.  3 of those hits were home runs, which continues to be an issue; but in all, he got the job done.  He also managed to recover quickly and without issue from his minor emotional outbursts, which is very good news for the Phillies.  After being seen in the dugout throwing a water bottle and cussing up a storm, he came out the next inning and sent the Rockies down in order. 

Myers peep.jpg
And his reward?  Myers gets to celebrate Easter dressed as a marshmallow peep :O)

Aside from dressing up as bunnies, chicks, eggs and peeps, the Phillies will have to play ball on Easter Day tomorrow.  They finish their series with the Rockies at 3:10pm on Sunday afternoon.  Break out the jelly beans, veg-out in front of the TV, and enjoy the game!


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  1. scofid

    Jenn, Happy Easter to you! I am glad to see that the Phils won despite the not-so-great performance by Myers. I also hope that Hamels will be okay. I am a little surprised that the media is being so negative of him after one bad start. I figured that he was probably just behind other pitchers because of his injury woes in the spring, and I don’t see the correlation to the World Series run that some have suggested. Enjoy your day!


  2. hoops376@comcast.net

    Just wondering what you’re basing your claim of Marson having “performed very well this spring.”

    He went 1-20 at the plate in Spring Training and was sent down in order to continue to develop.

  3. phillies_phollowers

    Scott – Yeah, I don’t get that either…he’ll be ok :O)
    V – Enjoy the day!
    Jeff – I have eyes everywhere ;O)
    Hoops – Marson was excellent behind the plate, calling pitches, his base running is very good, his K ratio is good, he puts the ball in play – for a 22 kid who spent almost all of 2008 in AA ball, never having been to AAA plus getting only 4 starts this spring, he did a great job. Obviously, he needs to develop, as do most 22 year olds, but we are lucky to have such a back-up in the minors. Take a look at his 2008 stats (.314, 46 RBI)…this kid is talented and as we all know, you cannnot judge a guy on 20 spring at-bats. Look at the whole picture, then make a judgement. I was at Spring training, I saw him play. I can tell you, he has great potential.

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