Ring Ceremony Photos & News

As promised I have put together a Photo Album from the World Series Ring Ceremony!  You can see all the players, plus a few coaches getting their rings.  The quality is a tad lower than I normally like, but I was VERY far away when shooting these…thank goodness for ZOOM lenses :O)  I have also included shots from the miraculous 12-11 come from behind victory over the Braves that occurred after the ceremony.

There have been some questions recently about whether 2008 first-time Major Leaguers like
P2264190 Cervenak.jpgMike Cervenak, Andy Tracy and Lou Marson would be receiving a World Series Ring, since their names were not announced at yesterday’s ceremony.  I can tell you that I have received confirmation from Cervenak’s agent that he will receive his ring tonight!  I can only assume from this that the other players mentioned, plus possibly TJ Bohn, Brad Harman and a few others, may also be getting a ring.  It was my thought that anyone who was on the roster in 2008 and played in a game should qualify, so I am very happy to hear that this should be the case.  Congrats to all and best of luck to the Iron Pigs, who will open their season tonight with Kyle Kendrick on the mound!

I have a few other fun photos to share with you; if you were unable to pick up a copy of the Phillies 1st 2009 Official Magazine, here is what you missed: 

A cover spread of 12 of our World Champions in Tuxedos:

tux trophy cover crop1.jpg

And then most of the World Series Team, all dressed up, in a centerfold.  I took the book apart and scanned the images, fitting them together at the center with a little help from Photoshop; even still, they managed to cut part of Charlie Manuel’s head off, plus part of the trophy, in the middle.  Fixed the trophy (it’s magic!), but left Manuel’s head alone :O)

Tux trophy crop.jpg

Every player had a different and unique reaction to seeing their World Series Rings; Brad Lidge testified that he would sleep with his; Jamie Moyer noted that his was a bit large, but that he would grow into it; And Cole Hamels…well, see for yourself:


My, oh my, that boy is seriously whipped.  Oh sorry, what I meant to say was, how cute is it that Cole loves his wife SO much ;O)  Yeah, that’s it….

The Phillies are on their way to Colorado!  Game 1 of the series with the Rockies will air at 4:10pm tomorrow with Mr. Hamels on the mound in his season debut.

 (Photos by Jenn except Tuxedo shots)

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