Opening Day Approaches; Utley’s Try To Save The Animals

The Phillies are on their way home!  Whooo hooo!  Today’s 12-10 loss to the Nationals will go down as a blip on the radar screen as the boys prepare for the real thing this Sunday. 

P2253386 Moyer.jpg
A few things worth mentioning from today’s game:  Jamie Moyer had a BAD day;  9 earned runs on 11 hits and 2 walks.  The good news: 1 – It did not count. 2 – He has gotten the crappy pitching all out of his system and can now get down to business :O)  We hope… 

Mistaken Identity?

P4208228 Feliz.jpg
Also note worthy, Pedro Feliz had a very GOOD game :O)  Feliz went 4 for 5 with 3 doubles and a home run, collecting 3 RBI and scoring twice.  Needless to say, even after a difficult back surgery, the 3rd baseman is ready to go!  Funny story about Feliz for you…the photo to the left is one I took last April and towards the end of last year, I printed it and asked him to sign it before a game one day.  He took the photo, looked up at me, and said, “This is not me.”  I giggled and told him that in fact, it was him.  He showed it to the security guard standing next to him who proceeded to crack up and told Feliz I was correct, it was him.  Pedro smiled at me, signed the photo and handed it back.  Slightly embarrassed, he kept smiling and wandered off.  Poor guy; guess he does not use a mirror too often.  Either that or the sun had fried his brain that day :O)  Ok, in his defense, Feliz is clean shaven in the photo, which he usually is not.  So, one could deduct that he was thrown off by the lack of facial hair.

Puppy Love

Utleys animals.jpgIt is probably a well know fact by now that Chase & Jen Utley LOVE animals, but have you heard them talk about it?  Below is an interview from WMMR radio done on Tuesday with Jen in the studio and Chase on the phone from Florida.  Jen was there to promote today’s “Pup Rally” to benefit the PA SPCA; the event will be held from 5pm to 7pm at Rittenhouse Square.  Donations of cash, toys and blankets will be accepted and there will also be animals available to adopt.  Stop by if you get a chance and help a give an unwanted animal a good home!  Here is the interview:

Fun note:  Utley did admit during the interview that he missed Jen more than their dog while away at Spring Training.  It was either that, or he’d be in the dog house tonight ;O)

The Phillies have 2 games coming up tomorrow and Saturday against their World Series rivals, the Tampa Bay Rays for the On Deck Series.  After that, it is GO time!  3 days left!

(Photos by Jenn)


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