Talking Trash / Paulino Traded

trash can.jpg

The Phillies have revealed a new line of ballpark merchandise, food and other items; one of those items was a talking trash can.  Phil The Can,” a recyclable fan, is a talking robot / trash can.  Apparently, his job is to encourage fans to keep the ballpark clean and, of course, to recycle.  If you attempt to throw a plastic bottle away, rumor has it that “Phil” will clamp down on your arm and hold you hostage until the Green Police arrive to whip you with a wet soybean.  And if a non-Phillies fan walks near “Phil The Can”, this trash tracker will begin to trash talk the unsuspecting fan with Cole Hamels-like taunts of “choke artist!” and the like.  Vicious little guy; and he looks so innocent.  Go figure.

Going Green

In addition to the crazy talking trash can, the Phillies have stepped up their Green efforts for the 2009 season.  The park facilities manager, Global Spectrum, has committed to increasing recycle efforts at the park from 15% to 20-25% this year.  The Phillies have also added a new line of organic merchandise which will include tote bags made from recycled materials and a clothing line with hats, tees and socks.

Going Gold

gold jersey.jpgThe Phils revealed the new gold trimmed jerseys that they will be wearing only on Opening Night, April 5th, which include a gold

trimmed World Series patch.  After that night, the jerseys will be auctioned off for charity and the boys will wear their regular, non-Royalty like jerseys with the regular World Series patch the rest of the year.  Fans willing to shell out about $185 can buy a replica of the fancy jerseys and act out their own King of the Hill fantasies :O)

Going Blue

The Phillies have switched the batting helmets to be worn with their alternate home jerseys from red to blue.  The new blue helmets feature a red brim; replica’s of the helmet will be given out to kids 14 and under at the May 31st game.

Going Yard

Jayson Werth and Matt Stairs each smacked a home run today in the Phillies 6-5 loss to the Astros.  Eric Bruntlett, Pedro Feliz, Shane Victorino and Werth each had a 2 hit game, with Chris Coste collecting an RBI on a sac fly.  Brett Myers gave up 1 home run to the Astros Miguel Tejada; Myers lasted 5 1/3 innings and also surrendered 8 hits and 4 runs. 

Going To San Francisco

Ronny Paulino has been traded to the San Francisco Giants in exchange for left-handed reliever, Jack Taschner, 37, according to beat-writer Todd Zolecki.  With the Giants for 4 years, Taschner has a lifetime ERA of 5.01 in 140 innings pitched with 8 saves and an 8-4 record.  Hopefully, he can help fill the 50-game left-handed void left by JC Romero’s ridiculous suspension.

Phillies travel to Bradenton, FL tomorrow to take on the Pirates at 1:05pm.  The game will air on Comcast Sportsnet – tune in!

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  1. phillies_phollowers

    Sue – we weren’t going to get much for Paulino so I am not surprised. Hopefully, he can turn things around like Scott Eyre did when we got him. Crossing fingers & toes!
    Julia – I agree, green is the way to go!

  2. diamonddiva

    The trash can is great! I’m hoping I can get up to Philly this year, so I can see the Phillies’ not-so-new-anymore ballpark. I attended several games at Veteran’s Stadium, and that experience was about as pleasant as attending games at RFK Stadium. LOL Oh, and congratulations on your #10 ranking!

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