Madson Sticks Up For Romero

Early in March, Ryan Madson called into the Preston & Steve radio show on WMMR and gave a very entertaining interview.  I managed to snag a clip from that interview; the segment you will hear begins with Madson defending teammate JC Romero for what most have come to see for what it is; a totally bogus and ridiculous 50 game suspension.  Madson shares his thoughts on the subject.  After that, you will hear a very funny story about how Madson celebrated his World Series victory at a TGI Friday’s in Southern NJ.  I am not kidding; apparently, he is there so often, that he even hangs out and plays video games with the staff.  You will have to hear it for yourself:

In other news, the Phillies took a pounding today from the Yankees in grapefruit league action; but on the upside, Chase Utley and Ryan Howard went back to back with the long ball in the first inning.  Sadly, the scoring ended there. 
Thumbnail image for P3046240 Eyre.jpg
Carlos Carrasco got some work in; he pitched 5 innings, gave up 6 hits, 4 runs and a walk.  Brad Lidge pitched a scoreless inning and looks like he is ready to go, injury free.  Poor Scott Eyre had what one might term as an “off” day, surrendering 5 runs in 1 inning, 3 of which came off home runs.  It was looking like the inning that may never end for Eyre; he probably couldn’t wait to get out of there.  Relax though…it’s only Spring Training!  Take 2 and call me in the morning…

Another player who may have been experiencing a somewhat long day was Ronny Paulino.  Rumor has it that Paulino is up for grabs and the Phillies will be trying to showcase him to other teams in the next week or so. 
P3045944 Coste.jpg
As such, Paulino played all 9 innings today.  Paulino had 1 hit in today’s game, bringing his average to .194, but that is certainly not a lot of bait to reel in many potential suitors.  Regardless, this is good news for Chris Coste who now appears to be a lock for the back-up catching spot.  Phillies fans everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief for Coste :O)

The Phillies will travel to Kissimmee, FL tomorrow, right next door to one of the happiest places on earth, to take on the Houston Astros at 1:05pm.  If anyone returns wearing Mouse ears, I hope someone will send me a photo.  Thank you in advance :O)

(All Photos by Jenn)


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  1. raysrenegade

    I have known J C ever since his Twins days. He used to always come over to the right field stands and visit with us, and last year I got a small bit of what went on.
    I was told he purchased a then legal supplement to use during the season, then sometimes past April, it was put on a restricted list.
    I would think MLB would give them 6 months to get that stuff out of their system if they changed the list on them. But, what I hear is that the arbitration system is more unfair than just bucking up and taking the time.
    I got his back on this too. I know he has a sneaky curveball and all, but he is not the kind of guy to cheat. I always question how much difference a reliever who gets caught could change the game…………maybe three or four outs maximum a appearance.

    When he comes to the Trop in the InterLeague I will shake his hand and tell him I got his back.

    Rays Renegade

  2. Jane Heller

    I have never been to a TGI Fridays in my life, so I feel like a space alien right now. (They don’t have any where I live!) Sorry the Yankees beat up on your guys yesterday, Jenn, but your guys beat up on Joba, so we’re good? 🙂


  3. phillies_phollowers

    PRP & Renegade- thanks! Talked to JC’s wife about this a few times…they are such nice people! They really appreciate everyone’s support; sad what has happened to such a great guy.
    Jeff – I wonder if he shops at Wal-Mart too? ;o)
    Jane – We’re good :O) Just don’t make a habit out of it ;o)
    Julia – Thanks…congrats to you too! And to everyone! :O)

  4. stevenj

    Congratulations on your World Series win last year! If my Red Sox couldn’t do it I was rooting all the way for your Phillies. I like your site and your knowledge is impressive; I’ll keep checking back, Good Luck to the Phillies this year, maybe we’ll see you in Oct./November
    See ya,

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