Who Is In; Who Is Out

Cole Hamels,
the “IN” man of the hour, may be in trouble with the little wifey after she sees this photo; Hamels is on the cover of the April edition of Access Magazine from Direct TV, along with Fox sports reporter, Charissa Thompson.  Ok, well, maybe not so much trouble.  After all, he spends most of the interview talking about his wife, Heidi.  She apparently taught him everything he knows, from dealing with “celebrity” to how to entertain his teammates.  You will see a few photos from that article throughout today’s blog.  All photos were taken by Jim Wright.  Enjoy!

Kendrick Gets The Boot

Kyle Kendrick was sent to the minors today, as many anticipated he might be after a very rough spring that has ended with a 9.20 ERA.  Kendrick had an outstanding rookie season with the Phillies in 2007 when he went 10-4 with a 3.87 ERA; then in 2008, he began to have trouble, and he finally lost the starting job after a 6 game stretch with an 11.35 ERA beginning in August.  The race for the final starting position is now down to JA Happ, Chan Ho Park and possibly Carlos Carrasco.

Hamels003.jpgSchilling Retires

Curt Schilling, who spent more than 8 years with the Philadelphia Phillies, has officially retired.  From playing baseball, that is.  No word yet on if he plans to retire from publically voicing his opinion on everything from steroids to which former teammates annoyed him.  Phillies fans adore Schilling if not for his fearless opinions, but for his pitching and dedication to his job.  With a career record of 216-146, plus 3,116 strikeouts, he will be missed in the baseball world.



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  1. kingofcali

    I’m glad to see your post today. lol the Curt Schilling part. I have been saying on comments that I don’t care for him. He was a good pitcher but wasn’t well liked around the league. He opens his mouth to much so I’m glad to see him gone. lol I think I might have pissed some people off but just voicing my opinion. =)

    ~ King of Cali

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