Luck Abounds!

Good news today for the Phillies on this lucky St. Patty’s Day; Cole Hamels’ elbow issue is not serious.  He got a cortisone injection and should be back to pitching in about 2 days.  He may or may not be ready for opening day though, as he’ll need time to stretch out his arm and get his pitch count up, but that’s ok; the Phillies have options with JA Happ and Chan Ho Park.

Pot of gold.jpgThe other good news of the day is that the walking wounded have almost all returned to regular play.  Chase Utley after hip surgery; Pedro Feliz after back surgery; and pitchers Chad Durbin and Brad Lidge all played in today’s rout of the Reds.  Utley struck out twice and walked twice, scoring one run; Feliz went 0 for 3.  So the bats will take some time to return, but ultimately, just the fact that they are playing in mid-March is great news.

Same goes for Lidge and Durbin; Durbin pitched 1 inning of no hit ball and Lidge also pitched an inning, giving up one run on two hits and a walk in a non-save situation.  The Phillies went on to win, 8-1 which in itself can also be seen as a stroke of luck; after being whipped by the Yankees yesterday, 11-0, they needed a big win to get the confidence back.

Brett Myers looked fantastic as he took on the Reds, pitching 5 2/3 innings, surrendering only 4 hits and no runs; he struck out 7 batters.  If Myers is needed for Opening Day, it looks like he will be ready.

WBC Highlights

Team USA is currently in the 4th inning of their game against Team Puerto Rico; the winner moves on, the loser is eliminated.  The USA is in the lead for the moment, 3-1.  Let’s hope they brought their lucky shamrocks with them!  Jimmy Rollins started the game as the DH and Shane Victorino is in center.

Next up for the Phillies

Wednesday at 1:05pm, the Phillies will take on the Blue Jays at Bright House field in Clearwater, FL.


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  1. raysrenegade

    Did the Phillies wear the “Greens” today.
    I remember someone talking about them last season and they had the green tops and the red caps. they stated they looked like “Christmas elves”.

    Gotta love that.

    Rays O’Renegade

  2. phillies_phollowers

    Yes, they wore green – it is a Phillies Spring Training tradition; except now they have matching green hats instead of the red elf ones :O) The Reds, however, wore their red tops and green hats! So, they got to be the X-Mas elves yesterday :O)

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