Utley Gets In The Game

Chase Utley
played 4 innings in a minor league Spring training game today and, according to Todd Zolecki, Phillies beat writer, all went well.  Utley went 2 for 4 at the plate with a double.  He reported no pain and says as long as he feels good tomorrow, things are looking up; Utley anticipates being ready for Opening Day.  Phillies fans everywhere are anxious to see the All-Star 2nd baseman back in action!

The rest of the Phillies played in regular grapefruit league action today, beating the Astros by a score of 5-2.  Greg Dobbs drove in 2 runs on 2 hits; Jayson Werth collected 2 RBI on a home run; and Pablo Ozuna led the offense with 3 hits in the game and 1 RBI.

While it was nice to see a steady offensive output, all eyes today were really on Carlos Carrasco, who is trying to make the team as the 5th starter.  Carrasco did his part to impress the team with 3 innings pitched with 1 earned run on 4 hits and a walk.  A pretty decent outing for the young pitcher, who’s ERA stands at 6.30 for the spring so far.  Veteran Chan Ho Park will get his turn tomorrow when the Phillies face ex-Phil, Kyle Loshe and the cardinals tomorrow at 1:05pm.

World Series Trophy Meets Ben Franklin

Earlier today, the World Series Trophy made another stop in the Philly area; it arrived at the feet of Ben Franklin in the Franklin Institute where a crowd of Phillies fans awaited their chance to get an up-close look.  The Phanatic wow’ed the kids and flirted with the girls and Phillies PA announcer, Dan Baker kept the peace; or at least tried to.  Happy to report, most people were well behaved and Baker did not have to spank anyone…I assume he was relieved, but I could be wrong  :O)

I dragged my good friend Kimmie along for the trip and she was a real trooper.  Kimmie, I am pretty sure, does not even know what a baseball looks like.  But as soon as I told her the trophy was made by Tiffany’s, she was eager to line-up and have her photo taken with it :O)  And so, she is now a part of history, whether she likes it or not.  This is the same friend who drew a bit of attention to me in front of Chase Utley as I was waiting for his autograph one day; her job was to take a picture.  But as we got close to him, Kimmie looked around and then asked me, out loud, which one was Chase Utley.  Everyone around looked at us as if we had two heads.   But she is awesome and a true friend; even if she can’t tell a baseball from a shovel.  ;o)


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  1. Elizabeth D.

    Glad to hear that Chase Utley will be back by Opening Day. He is such a fun guy to watch. I hope I can say the same thing about another All-Star second baseman (granted, for a different league). Don’t you just love dragging your friends along to baseball events who don’t know anything about baseball? It can get very interesting :).

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