Vote For Me!

Our friend over at “The Max” blog is holding a Max Madness contest for MLBloggers and today, Phillies Phollowers will take on a Mets blogger, Pick Me Up Some Mets.  I am petitioning for your vote :O)  Please go HERE and VOTE for Phillies Phollowers!

While I have no experience at campaigning, I did think I should point out a few reason why should vote for me.

First, let’s see what I do not have to bring to the table:

 – I do not have a rich, influential Daddy, like some candidates:


– I do not have young interns to get me some extra press:

lewinski clinton.jpg

– I do not have Joe Biden to yell at people for me and scare them into voting my way:


However, I DO have many fine qualities that you look for in any candidate;
Phillie Dales.jpg

– Boys:  Who provided you with the Hooters girls photo?  That’s right…me.

– Girls:  Who gave ya half-naked shots of Pat Burrell, Cole Hamels, Shane Victorino and the Phillie-Dales?  Yes, me again.

– Everyone:  Queen Latifah thinks you should vote for me!

Queen Latifah.jpg

– So does Vince Papale – and remember, he is Invincible!


– And then there is my friend Wyland, marine artist, environmentalist and all-around nice guy :O)


– And never forget The Big Man, Ryan Howard:


– Oh, and my blogging is not half-bad either :O) 

Thank you for reading this shameless plug for my blog.  Now, please VOTE for me!  You guys rock!



  1. phillies_phollowers

    Thanks everyone!
    Jane – met Ryan a few times…he’s real sweet. That photo was during photo day at the park – you stand behind a barrier on the field, the players walk around and if you can get their attention, they’ll stop and talk or take photos with you…I literally threw myself at Howard and bear hugged him…he thought it was funny and hung out for a minute. You can also meet them at charity events, fan fests, and Spring Training. I have a knack for it…met every one of the 2008 Phillies last year…even the coaches! Got photos with about half of them too. :O) A lot of them recognize me, which helps. I am always in the same spot at the park with the big camera saying hello. That helps as well. So there ya have it…stalking 101. :O)

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