Team USA Gets Started Against The Yankees

Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino joined Team USA yesterday in their first exhibition game of 2009 against the New York Yankees at George Steinbrenner Field in Tampa.  Team USA emerged victorious by a score of 6-5 and Victorino saw a few innings of playing time.  Rollins deferred to Jeter and sat the game out, but did warm up and take batting practice with the team.  You will notice that neither Phillie wore their usual number; Rollins was #1 (appropriate) and Victorino, a last minute replacement, wore #50.  Here are a few Victorino highlights from the game:


Derek Jeter played against his own team and got off to a rocky start, hitting into a double play.  But once the nerves wore off, the game turned into the Derek Jeter Show.  Jeter wound up going 2 for 4 with 2 RBI and wowed the crowd with his acrobatics at short stop.  Here is Rollins warming up with Jeter and a few other Jeter moments:


You gotta love Jeter.  Actually, as some reading may be aware, I am a closet Yankees fan and I LOVE Derek Jeter.  But not as much as another women who was at the game; everytime Jeter was in view, she screamed at the top of her lungs, “We Love you Derek Jeter!  USA! USA!”  Patriotic?  Yes.  Slightly warped?  Also, yes.  Because not only did she scream and jump around, but she changed seats every inning and her cries could be heard from all over the park.  At one point, she sat directly next me and began asking me if I knew the Phillies fan in the parking lot who had the big white truck, that was decked out in Phillies gear.  I felt like telling her that, yes, there were so few of us Phillies fan that we do all know each other, but thought I’d keep the sarcasm to a minimum so she would go away. :O)  She left after one inning, and continued her screams from elsewhere.  Never a dull moment.

At any rate, I was very excited to see the Yankees spring training home and the architechture did not disappoint.  The park mirrors the old Yankee stadium in many ways and was visually impressive.  Here is a shot of the fountains outside near the practice fields and one of the hair-challenged ducks who makes his home there:030309c.jpg

Beyond the visuals though, I must say it was very unpleasant, having to deal with the employees of this stadium.  The place is run like a Nazi prison camp.  From the rough security getting in, to the ushers, with their sense of entitlement and lack of people skills, I’ll just stick to Bright House field in Clearwater.  I got yelled at for sitting in a seat during batting practice; mind you, NO one was there, and I surely would have moved had someone come for the seat.  I was allowed to stand in front of the seat, but sitting was out of the question.  Guess he didn’t like my Phillies jacket.  Well, the same idiot that yelled at me, let some other women into the 100 level who did NOT have a ticket for that area, which in this stadium, is strictly enforced.  She told him she was going to sit in some guys seat who had left until he returned and then she would come back.  So, he let her go. 

You know what’s coming next, right?  I decided to get routy with the usher, since he bent the rules for her and yelled at me for sitting quietly and bothering no one.  I confronted him about letting her into the no-no zone and told him he needed to give me the same courtesy.  He lied right to my face and said she had a ticket.  I called him on it, repeating what she said, and he just yelled at me some more.  I threw a few choice words at him and wandered off.  I know this was not going to get me anywhere, but felt someone needed to call him on it.  And it was the same story all over the park…rudeness abounds.  Needless to say, I will not be going back there.

So back to Bright House field today!  The Phillies take on Team Canada at 1:05pm…see you there!


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  1. rrrt

    OMG, that duck is a riot! We have been to ST games twice at Legends Field, and while some of the fans were a bit loud and obnoxious (in general, not to us in particular) we thankfully were not treated rudely by any of the ushers. It’s too bad you got the cranky one. Hope the rest of your week is more pleasant!
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  2. raysrenegade

    Hey do not discount the duck because they have a “rayshawk”. Even the animals were into the playoff run last year down here.

    Awesome pics from the game as usual. I was watching the left field corner when Rollins and Victorino were on the MLB Nertwork and still do not get the rope deal Jimmy was pulling………maybe I had to be right there to hear it all.

    You think that is bad, there are tea cup Chihuahua dogs all over Tampa Bay wearing the ice cream rays caps and sunglasses. Human’s took their dogs to rallies and personal appearances at the airport…………wild time. The ducks just got lucky enough to enjoy all the fun.

    Rays Renegade

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