Tales From The Strange Side…

Pajama Party

The highlight of today’s final Spring Training practice came when the players dressed in front of the crowd.  Each fielder donned a black or blue pair of Slip-N-Slide-type nylon pants and tossed their cleats aside, wandering about in only their red socks.  It looked like they were all wearing footy pajamas and having a sleep-over.  Here is a look featuring Eric Bruntlett pulling up his pants:

The outfits, as it turns out, were part of a base sliding drill.  Interesting as it was to see them sliding around, the socks and baggy pants were the real entertainment.

Utley’s Rehab

Prior to the sliding drill, players worked with Davey Lopes on base running techniques, running from home to 3rd, 1st to 2nd, 1st to 3rd, etc…  Chase Utley participated in the runs at full speed and looked very comfortable.  He is turning corners without hesitation, running through the bases and seems to have gotten most of his flexibility back.  Good news for Phillies fans!

Photo Highlights

Utley and the rest if the group were in high spirits again; here are a few highlights from the day during batting practice and fielding with Utley, Shane Victorino and Ryan Howard:


And a few shots of the pitchers; Chan Ho Park, Chad Durbin and Brett Myers, who appears to be measuring something??  You decide:


A Tall Tale?

Speaking of Utley, I received some information today from a fellow fan about the “World F*@ Champions” debacle after the World Series parade.  Keep in mind that this is third party information and not confirmed; according to fan accounts, Pat Burrell has been sharing his Parade tale while at Rays camp with anyone who cares to listen.  Rumor has it, Pat told fans that prior to the Parade speeches, Utley asked him if he thought he should let the F-Bomb fly or not.  Utley was under the impression that it would not be live TV and tried to confirm that through Burrell.  Burrell claimed ignorance, and the fun ensued.  If you watch the tape back, you will see that right before Utley blurted out the cuss word, it appears that he turned and looked directly at Pat Burrell.  True or not, I cannot be positive; but either way, an interesting story.  Utley is the only one who really knows what happened.  I do still think it was very funny, whether planned or not :O)  Anyway, this one will get filed with the myth of the Chupacabra for now – no one knows for sure if it really existed ;O)


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