This Week In Phillies Land…

Injury Updates

Although Pedro Feliz insists he will be ready to go for Opening Day after undergoing back surgery, it seems his manager is less certain.  Charlie Manuel has divulged that Feliz has suffered a slight setback and may not be ready to go.  However, the Phils have plenty of back-up with Eric Bruntlett, Greg Dobbs, and possibly, Chris Coste.  If Manuel decides to keep Coste, which he should, Coste can play a variety of positions, including 3rd base.

More concerning will be the progress of Chase Utley after hip surgery as his recovery time was expected to be longer than Feliz.  However, all reports indicate that Utley is in great shape and even ahead of schedule.  He has taken ground balls, done some light running and taken some dry swings.  If there is a delay in Utley’s return, back-up should not be a problem here either, especially with the recent signing of utility man, Miguel Cairo.  Cairo will likely serve as an insurance policy if all else fails.

Big Losers

A couple of the Phillies players have begun camp this year as big losers; Ryan Howard and Brett Myers
Brett Myers.jpgboth lost a considerable amount of weight in the off-season while preparing for Spring Training.  While most never imagine Howard being light on his feet, 30 fewer pounds may give him a bit more speed and flexibility.  Myers, admitting that his body is starting to feel older, decided the move to lose was necessary in order to keep healthy.   Kudos to them both!

Moyer Speaks About A-Rod

Jamie Moyer.jpgJamie Moyer, former teammate of Alex Rodriguez, expressed his disappointment today with A-Rod’s use of steroids.  Moyer recounted on Comcast Sportsnet how their son’s used to play together and now that the children are teens, he worries about how this news has affected them.  Here is Moyer’s stance on the issue: “It’s about respecting the game,” Moyer said. “I’d be disappointed in anybody in that situation. When people have had an impact on your life, you want to feel for them. But how can I feel for him? To me, if you’re doing it, you know it’s illegal. I commend him for coming out and saying it, but why didn’t he say it seven years ago?”

Mo’ Money

And with a World Championship comes mo’ money…  This year’s season ticket sales for the Phillies have increased by more than 4,000 tickets last year.  The club has already sold 24,000 season tickets in a ballpark with a capacity of 45,000.  John Weber, vice president for ticket sales and operations, say that sales of season tickets will be capped at around 27,000 to 28,000, giving the Phillies the potential to sell-out season tickets. 

As a result of the boom in sales, individual game tickets will be much harder to come by.  This is great news for the team as a whole, as they can sign more players and keep those around who are of higher quality.  More games will sell out, adding to the excitement and atmosphere.  But it is bad news for the average fan, who will be slowly priced out of the live game experience, opting to stay home and avoid the expense.

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  1. rrrt

    Guess I’m going to have to get up early this Thursday, when the single-game tickets go on sale, if I want to see them get their rings April 8. Not only are season tickets a budget-buster, I’m hesitant to tie up that many dates with game tickets that far in advance.
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  2. Elizabeth D.

    Good to hear that Chase Utley is doing well, I really enjoy watching him play. It’s great that Howard and Myers took the initiative and got healthy over the offseason. Moyer is absolutely right… I don’t blame him for being disappointed because A-Rod lied to him!!

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