The History of Lucky #13

The latest leaders list is out and for the 2-week period of 2/2-2/15, Phillies Phollowers has been ranked #13 among all MLBlogs!  That keeps me in the #1 spot among Phillies fan blogs and assigns to me my favorite number!  #13 – awesome.  Let us explore…

#13 belongs to my hero, Dan Marino, the greatest passer ever in the game of football.  Don’t argue – he just is. 
And one of the nicest people I have ever met.  This is my hair with Dan Marino (the photographer was shot later)…he is cracking up because I made a total *** out of myself the first time we met.  Rambled on and on about how much I loved him…he pat me on head afterwards and said, “It’s ok…”  Yes, he took pity on me.  What a nice man! 

The next time we met, we actually spoke on a semi-normal, adult-like basis.  We chatted about his charity work, his restaurants, his very strange limo driver who would not stop talking to me and some CBS camera guy who kept following me around.  The camera guy later tried to hunt me down after Dan left and I actually ran into Central Park (yes, in NYC) to hide from him.  There are very few things in Central Park you can hide from, but as it turns out, CBS camera men are one of those things.  But I digress…

Marino is a Hall of Famer, a world-class guy and held 22 major NFL records, until Brett Favre decided to break 7 of them.  Would he PLEASE retire already?  Geez! 
And did you know that Dan Marino actually designed the suit that Charlie Manuel wore at the World Series parade?  And when he gave it to Charlie, he predicted the Phillies would win the Championship!  That was in 2007, so he was 1 year off; but Manuel did get to wear the suit this year!  Anyway, I am proud to share the #13 with Marino!  Let’s see what else we know about #13…

·        The age at which you are considered a teenager.

·        A bakers’ dozen.

Fear of the #13 is called Triskaidekaphobia.

·        Wilt Chamberlain and Shaq have each worn #13.

·        Then again, so have Billy Wagner and Turk Wendell.

·        There are 13 players on a rugby team.

·        The number of original US colonies.

The seal of the US has 13 olive leaves, 13 arrows, and 13 stars. These form a triangle over the eagle with the number 13 on each point. On the back, the pyramid has 13 levels.

·        PG-13 = when kids can legally hear people cuss.

I therefore declare that #13 is a LUCKY number!  But if you’d like to bump my blog to a higher number next week, I promise not to complain :O)


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  1. phillies_phollowers

    Camera guy took a photo for me at one point during my visit to the CBS set and I politely said “thank you” and smiled as any normal person would. Well, he apparantley thought I was interested in him from the “thank you” and kept asking me to “hang-out” with him, which I again, politely declined. Dan and I talked and he left me alone, but after Dan left, he started following me and I got really creeped out. Some very nice lady who works for CBS that I spoke with earlier saw him stalking me and grabbed him aside to distract him and motioned to me to get out of there! So I literally RAN across the street and into Central Park! These are the hazards of being a female traveling alone… :O) But it does make a fun story!

  2. redbirdchatter

    Back in the day, my dad and I always engaged in the great Montana vs Marino debate, with him arguing for Marino against my Championship ring clad Montana. Still, I would have loved to see Marino win the big one….just not when they were playing the 49ers!
    Congratulations on lucky #13!

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