Rollins Looks Into His Crystal Ball

Rollins ed.jpgFans have become very familiar with the future predictions of one Phillies short stop, Jimmy Rollins.  Declaring the Phils “The Team To Beat” in 2007, the Phillies went on to win the division.  Then for 2008, Rollins proclaimed the Phillies would get at least 100 wins; they did.  103 to be exact, including the post-season.  So what does the all-knowing Rollins, King of the Baseball Prognosticators, predict for 2009?

– 101 wins in the regular season; 112 wins total (this would include another World Series title).

– Cole Hamels will win the Cy Young award; Cole is right now crying tears of joy and sending a fruit basket to Rollins.

– There will be another Phillies NL MVP in 2009.

– Brad Lidge will continue his streak until he decides that he is “tired of it.”  Hmmmm…seems Rollins is falling back on age-old psychic fake-out techniques for this one as he cannot possibly be wrong.  It like saying that it will not rain all month long, unless the grass cries out for help.  Either way, you are covered.  Except maybe if the thoughts of tiny blades of greenery screaming in pain keeps you up at night…

– And finally, Rollins has stated that there will be another Parade down Broad Street. 

Here is the video:

Phillies fans get ready to party!  Rollins has not been wrong yet.  And with a superior middle infield in place, the signing of Ryan Howard and new life in left, he has reason to be confident.  Only time will tell.  What does your crystal ball say?

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