Phillies Truck Day

Spring has nearly sprung!  As the wheels on the truck go round and round, we all anxiously await the start of Spring Training.  The truck is 53-feet long, to be exact; loaded with equipment and necessities for the players.  I have begun packing as well for my trip to Clearwater.  Let’s see how the numbers compare (Phillies truck numbers courtesy of Mark Newman,



15 cases of gum

Gum, yucky; Sour Patch Kids, awesome!

12 cases of sunflower seeds

Yuck again on the seeds; I prefer granola

20 coolers & half pallet of POWERade mix

Do I really need to add more sugar to my already hyperactive, Sour Patch induced condition?  I think not.

300 Helmets

10 mini-helmets to get signed; or, to use on my Phillies Smurf collection.

350 pairs of shorts

Yeah, that’s about right.  I despise laundry.

450 pairs of socks

Zero – I also despise socks.

600 pairs of pants

About right again – I am female, after all.

600 hats

At least 7; one for each day of the week.

200 fleeces

Last year it was COLD in Clearwater – this year, I will be prepared!  200 fleeces!

1200 bats

They just won’t fit in my luggage.  Maybe Chase Utley will give me one of his when I get there?   Pretty please with sunflower seeds and POWERade on top?  I will beg if I must :O)

2000 t-shirts

Guess shirts are a good idea; although I bet I get more autographs without them!

10,000 12 oz. cups

Women don’t use cups!  …Oh sorry, wrong cups; I did think 12oz. was a tad large; I could be wrong though :O)

15,000 baseballs

About 10 – I hate paying extra baggage charges!  Again, I will collect a few while I am there…the lack of apparel helps in this area as well.


P7311124.JPGSo, what would you pack for Spring Training?  Anything you just can’t live without?  For me, I pack 3 different cameras and about 6 lenses.  Can’t go without those!  When Jimmy Rollins steals second base or Chase Utley makes a diving grab, I will be ready!  And I will also have a horrible back ache when I return from carting all that stuff around with me :O(  But it is all worth it!  I am ready for some baseball!!!  How about you?

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  1. phillies_phollowers

    Julia – one word: EBAY
    Sue – yes! 14 days until I leave :O) Whoo Hoo! Let me know if you do decide to go…we’ll catch up!
    King – Back to the WS….hmmm…I hope so! Although, I do have my doubts with some of the moves they’ve made. We’ll see!

  2. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    I’m making my first trip to spring training this year! I’m only going for a weekend, so I have to have the essentials of my Pierzynski jersey and a couple Sox tees to wear under the jersey since I know it’ll get hot out in Phoenix. I got a brand new digital camera that has action shot so I can actually take good pictures. My old camera was horrible with sports pictures. Since I don’t have any little baseball cubes to hold baseballs yet, I’m probably gonna buy some before I go down. If not, I’ll be the awesome person who puts them all in separate plastic bags. Hahahahaha! I’ll probably bring enough for all the guys I love to sign just in case I get the chance to get them all. So that’s 10, I think. Hopefully I’ll be lucky enough to get pictures with some players. That will make me so incredibly happy. Have fun at Spring Training!

  3. Elizabeth D.

    Nice post Jenn!! I like gum a lot, but Sour Patch kids are the best!! And I love sunflower seeds, I can put fifty in my mouth at once LOL. Us female baseball fans are great right? I don’t know how far Clearwater is from Fort Meyers, but if you end up going to a Phillies game at City of Palms Park, let me know!
    And for Spring Training I will be bringing:
    One ball to get autographed, I want as many autographs as possible on that one ball.
    Red Sox jerseys and shirts
    Red Sox jacket (oddly enough, it does get cold in FL indeed!)
    My camera
    My dad’s gigantic camera
    And my laptop for blogging at the hotel. Unfortunately I might have to bring my backpack and do homework!

  4. Jane Heller

    Jenn, I think Clearwater is near Tampa, right? When will you be there? I’m going to see the Yankees March 4-9. If you’re anywhere nearby, I’ll be signing at B&N in Tampa on 3/6. I’d love it if you’d stop by and say hi.

  5. raysrenegade

    I live in Clearwater, so I am packing my glove, baseball and a few sharpies and blue pens and head to Bright House Field for a few great game this Spring.

    Just do not forget to go to Lenny’s or to the new bar across the street from the stadium…….the Tilted Skirt, you will enjoy the food and the fun there.

    It is so awesome that the Phillies will be playing both Canada and the US WBC squads on consecutive days. You will also see me there on the Rays vs Phillies game. I will be down near the left field rail in the Terrace seating below the Tiki Bar. Come say hello.

    Rays Renegade

  6. phillies_phollowers

    Jane – that’s so cool! I am actually leaving on the 6th, but what time will you be there? If is in the AM, I can come…don’t have to be at the airport until like 12pm or so. Are you going to either WBC game in Clearwater? I’ll be at both (4th & 5th).
    RR – I will be at that game too (2/28)! I am sitting in sec. 105, lucky row 13 :O) Look for me or I’ll look for you! I know where the Terrace sec. is – by all the food :O) I’ll be sure to check out the bar too! Thanks :O)

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