Phillies Smurfs Off-Season Adventure

Turns out, I am not the only one around here who is counting the days until Spring Training.  The lack of newsworthy events and baseball activities are simply mind-numbing.  J-Roll Smurf and Chutley Smurf have been as bored as the rest of us.  With the big news in Phillies land this week being Carlos Ruiz deciding to join Team Panama for the World Baseball Classic, poor J-Roll Smurf thought maybe he’d pass the time surfing the net, or maybe reading a mildly entertaining book:

Smurfs 1.jpg

Could Ryan Howard bring us all out of our slumber and actually agree to a contract this week?  Noooooo…  So, J-Roll Smurf was off to raid the fridge and then decided to call over a few friends for a party:

Smurfs 2.jpg

But the only one to show up was Chutley Smurf, as everyone else was already asleep.  J-Roll Smurf tried to show Chutley Smurf some photos from the World Series Trophy tour, but you all know what a trouble maker Chutley Smurf is.  All he wanted to do was ride his motorcycle through the living room and raid the cookie jar:

Smurfs 3.jpg

J-Roll Smurf began telling stories about his idol, Jimmy Rollins, and how he stopped by a YMCA on Friday to talk with local children; but all Chutley Smurf did was steal a bottle of my best Soprano’s wine and snort a few lines!

Smurfs 4.jpg

All that partying got the best of these Smurf buddies and things went awry from there.  Frankly, I did not see this next one coming, and neither did the poor cats:

Smurfs 6.jpg

Hours passed, still without arbitration news or the swing of a bat…what is a Smurf to do?  Well, after all the booze and happy candy, I can tell you what they did next:

Smurfs 7.jpg

Ahhhhhh….and now for some much needed sleep.  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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  1. Elizabeth D.

    Great story/adventure with the smurfs! I hope this arbitration deal gets solved quickly. I didn’t know you were a Dolphins fan– I don’t really follow football myself, but I live about an hour south of the stadium. The Marlins play there also, so it’s not that nice of a baseball field.

  2. phillies_phollowers

    Yeah I know…been to Dolphins stadium many times…seen football and baseball there…the BB field is scary bad. Hope they get a new stadium soon! I LOVE south Florida! I go like twice a year if I can. Scuba, play with Flipper, etc… :O) Fun!

  3. rrrt

    Hey Jenn! You better not let Chutley Smurf and Michael Phelps ever get together, Lord knows what trouble they’d get into!

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