Phillies Night At The Sixers

The Philadelphia 76ers hosted “Phillies Night” on Saturday at the game vs. the New York Knicks.  An annual tradition, those participating were the Phanatic, Brad Lidge, Shane Victorino, Ryan Madson and some guy, possibly from the Reading Phils,
P1240982.jpgwhose name I could not make out when they announced it.  If anyone knows who this guy is, please let me know!  Mystery guy replaced Cole Hamels who was scheduled to appear, but was a no-show.  We know he was in town because he taped “Meet the Phillies” at Citizens Bank Park earlier in the day.  No statement was made as to why he did not appear.  I assume his wife decided he was not allowed to play basketball, for fear his million-dollar arm may fall off :O)  Or maybe he felt he needed 4 days rest in between events.  Just a guess…

Anyway, Brad Lidge gave the ceremonial “tip-off” before the game:

P1240851.jpgAnd during half-time, the 4 guys had a “3-point shoot-out,” which Victorino won, hands down.  Madson and Lidge should not quit their day jobs.  Although, Lidge looked like he had more fun than anyone else :O)  He was all smiles.

The World Series trophy was on-hand for fans to check out.  And during game time-outs, the Phanatic and the ball girls tossed t-shirts to the crowd, raced some weird giant, inflatable bunnies and wandered around with the Sixers dancers.  They even played beach ball volleyball in my section…got whacked on the head a few times, but I think I will live…not much up there to injure :O)  It was entertaining to see the Phanatic play with Hip-Hop, the Sixers mascot.  Hip-Hop is a grown man in a giant, scary bunny outfit.  Not sure who came up with that one, but I am sure it was after a nightmare having to do with large rabbits attacking them.  Or maybe they have seen Monty-Python’s “The Holy Grail” one too many times?  You be the judge.

Phillies Sixers ed.jpg  I have put together a Photo Album of these, and more Phillies shots from the game, a Donavan McNabb (Eagles) sighting, and some Sixers game shots as well.  Enjoy!

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