Durbin Watch Over; Howard Lone Hold Out

Not that I mind at all watching Chad Durbin, but the wait is over!  The Phillies and Durbin agreed on a one year, 1.635 million dollar contract and fans will be blessed with his adorableness (if I may make up a word here) for at least one more season.  Durbin was the final player to sign instead of going to arbitration, except for Ryan Howard who remains alone in his ambition.  Howard is seeking $18 million; a figure that is off the charts outrageous.  The Phillies offered Howard a generous $14 million which, still riding the high of last year’s $10 million dollar arbitration win, he flatly turned down.  What are your thoughts on the Howard situation?  Should he hold out for more or is he being greedy?  Let me know!

Shane diving.JPGHere is the Photo of the Day for you, which is from the Phillies Cruise a few weeks back.  This was taken by fellow cruise-mate, Amy Pacione who was watching Shane Victorino dive off a small boat in Grand Cayman and captured this image, which I thought was very fun!

If you are looking for more information, photos and videos from the Phillies Phantastic Voyage, look no further.  There are links down the right side of this page to the Photo slideshow, Videos and check my January archives for detailed reviews and stories from the Cruise.

Thanks to everyone for their heartfelt comments on my last blog.  I appreciate everyone’s support and am very happy to be a part of the MLBlogs community.  You guys rock!  Have a great day! :O)

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