Victorino & Blanton Avoid Arbitration

Shane Victorino, 28, signed a one-year deal today which will reportedly pay $3.125 million, keeping the centerfielder out of the arbitration loop.  It was his first year of eligibility since being brought to the Phils as a Rule-5 draft in 2005.  The Flyin’ Hawaiian hit .293 in 2008 with 14 homers and 58 RBI.  His switch-hitting capabilities will be of great importance to the Phils in 2009 as the starting rotation is bogged down with left-handed bats.

Another player who avoided arbitration is pitcher Joe Blanton, 28.  The Phillies picked up Blanton in July last year as a last minute addition and he played a major role in getting the Phils to the World Series title with a 2-0 record and 3.18 ERA over the postseason. 

Howard.jpgOne player that will likely not avoid arbitration will again be power-hitter, Ryan Howard.  After winning 10 million in arbitration last year, Howard has asked for a ******** 18 million this year.  The Phillies have offered 14 million and with those figures being far apart, plus the result he got last year, Howard will probably opt for arbitration.  Howard, 29, in his 5th year in the majors hit 48 home runs and racked up 146 RBI.  Regardless, I think 18 million is way too much.  Howard is still unpredictable at the plate with his only real consistency being his lack of contact with the ball, which makes for some very long dry spells throughout the season.  I agree the production is the bottom line, but 18 million is still a lot of money when you factor in the amount of grief that comes along with the RBI’s.  Besides, how much money does one person need, really?  Ok, don’t answer that… :O)

Chad Durbin and Jayson Werth also still remain on possible routes to arbitration with each side not agreeing with the offered salary.  I will keep you posted on those situations as they develop.

UPDATE:  Jayson Werth just signed for 2 years and 10 million; 3 million in 2009 and 7 million in 2010.  Was it Werth it?  Guess we’ll see!  Actually, I love Jayson…I think he will be a huge asset to this team!  And if he can have a few more 3 home run-games in 2009, that would be nice too… :O)

And we are still on Durbin watch….stay tuned…

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