Phils Sign Hamels & Dobbs

How do you spell relief?  Not having to hear Cole Hamels complain about his salary anymore. :O)  I kid.  But seriously, I did breathe a huge sigh of relief when I heard that Hamels accepted a 3-year, 20.5 million dollar deal to lock him up as a Phillie through 2011.  We love Cole and he has proven that he is the ace of the staff, so his guaranteed presence for the next 3 seasons is a huge ray of light for this franchise.  This signing also avoids what likely would have been a costly arbitration process and the hard feelings that can along with that. 

Hamels went 14-10 last season with a 3.09 ERA in 33 starts and 227 1/3 innings.  He also scooped up the MVP awards for both the NLCS and World Series.  When asked about his presence beyond 2011, Hamels responded with, “I’ll be here for a really long time…that’s something I really want to do,” according to The Philadelphia Daily News.  Congrats to Cole!  We are SO happy to have you aboard!

P2220171 Dobbs.jpgGreg Dobbs also signed a contract instead of opting for arbitration.  Dobbs has agreed to a 2-year, 2.5 million dollar deal and he will likely play a similar role this year as a pinch hitter and sub at 3rd base.  And all the female Phillies fans let out a collective, “Whooo Hooo!” as this signing was announced. :O)  Even if the game is a total bust, we always have Greg’s adorable face, perfect hair and long lashes to gush over.  And the view is just as nice when he turns around :O)  But aside from Greg’s physical assets, he is also a monster at the plate, hitting .301 with 9 home runs and 40 RBI in 128 games last season.  He also batted .355 as a pinch hitter and led the Majors with 22 pinch-hits, also a new Phillies single season record.  Congrats Greg!  Best wishes for another outstanding season.

That brings us to Ryan Madson; it has been reported that Madson has turned down a 3-year, 12.5 million dollar contract.  Another Scott Boras client, like Kyle Loshe was when he reportedly turned down 3-years and 21 million from the Phillies in 2008, Madson appears to be holding out for more.  More what, exactly, is the question.  I think the offer he was given is more than fair for a reliever of his stature.  And if we remember, Boras’ insistence that Loshe hold out for more back in early 2008, turned into a disaster for him.  Instead of the 3-years and 21 million, Loshe got only 1 year and 4.25 million from the Cardinals at the last minute, losing a ton of cash in the process.  He has since gotten a much better deal from the Cards after his performance, but the move he made in 2008 has to make you wonder about Boras and what he is telling Madson.  Hopefully, something will be worked out as I’d hate to see Boras screw it up for Madson too.

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